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Demo the space management IWMS

Throw away your spreadsheets and get a faster way to real answers.

A SaaS based space management software that enables you to lead the future of the workspace. 

The video demonstrates briefly the feature-rich space management capabilities of iOFFICE.  Get a visual feel for how managing your office space can be done easily with our system, and how it can benefit your bottom line.  

Ready for a live Demo?  demo software free

The iOFFICE Space Management software will help you:

  • Easily drag and drop occupants and assets to create scenarios
  • Post accurate floorplans online for convenient access
  • Easily understand your real-time information about space occupancy and utilization
  • Plan for future space needs based on workforce population 

Watch this 3-minute demo to see the effectiveness of the iOFFICE Space Module and how it can easily satisfy your space management needs. 

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