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Tammy Tucker

VP of Enterprise Sales

Tammy Tucker holds the incredible distinction of being one of the early customers of and salespeople for Integrated Workplace Management Systems [IWMS]. For nearly 28 years, her vantage point from both sides of the table and her laser focus on bringing IWMS to the enterprise have not only given her customers deep insights into the platform, but also lessons on extracting the greatest ROI and innovation from the workplace and the workforce. As the VP of Enterprise Sales, Tammy manages iOFFICE’s enterprise sales team for the US and Canada, dedicated to expanding outbound sales processes and relationship development with Fortune 1000 companies.

 Tammy began her career at Innovative Tech where she first began using SPAN FM with a customer, which would evolve into FacilityCenter and eventually into TRIRIGA. Moving on to Peregrine Systems, she held positions as a Pre-Sales Systems Engineer and Facilities Sales Overlay, selling the AssetCenter and FacilityCenter solutions prior to them becoming part of the TRIRIGA platform.

 At TRIRIGA, she became the company’s top performer as the Senior Area Manager on National Accounts. Following IBM’s acquisition of the company, Tammy held multiple positions including Senior Account Manger EAM for Maximo & TRIRIGA, Midwest Sales Manager for the Smarter Infrastructure Group and finally as the N.A. Sales Leader – Watson IoT TRIRIGA. There she led a team of 10 Technical Pre-Sales and Sales representatives generating $30M in annual revenue with F500 customers. At IBM, she helped her customers dramatically reduce real estate and facilities costs through automation, insights, and strategic planning to avoid leasing penalties and reduce construction, remodeling, and moving costs.

Just prior to joining iOFFICE, Tammy expanded the sales team and set up sales operations, from CRM configuration and dashboards to sales processes, benchmarking, and goal setting at Tango Analytics. Targeting retail customers, she helped them determine the most advantageous demographics and locations to capture the most revenue. Tammy is also a 15 year executive in a family-owned utility construction business, working with large telecommunication companies and residential sub-division developers, managing large, complicated, multi-stage projects, only deepening her insights on the commercial real estate world.

 “Two words rule my working life: experience and integrity – what I say is what I mean. I’ve been a user and sold IWMS for my entire career. I want my customers to use my expertise with more than 1500 customers so together we can diagnose, solve, and elevate your challenges to turn them into amazing opportunities. iOFFICE marries my history in IWMS with the future of the connected workplace.”

Tammy is graduate of Hamilton Tech College in Iowa. She loves spending family time with husband, four daughters and five grandchildren. A travel buff, whether to the slopes or the beach, Tammy is in perpetual motion—always moving forward.