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  • Elevating Employee Experience
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    Using Technology in the Workplace

    To Elevate Employee Experience

    Technology solutions that put employees in control enhance productivity and collaboration.  As a workplace leader, how can you be sure you're investing in technology that empowers employees?
    Elevating Employee Experience
    IN THIS EBOOK, you'll...

    LEARN WHY THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE MATTERS and how it can impact your bottom line

    We see organizations investing significant time, money and energy to keep their customers happy while paying little attention to the happiness of their employees. Here's why it's time to shift your focus.

    companies are four times as profitable when they invest in employee experience

    • Employee growth (%)
    • Employee pay
    • Average revenue
    • Average profit
    • Revenue per employee
    • Profit per employee
    1.0x Companies that don’t invest

    STart prioritizing The employee Experience

    It's one thing to say you care about the employee experience, but what does that actually mean in practical terms? This eBook offers insight on:

    • Why the employee experience matters
    • How technology impacts the employee experience
    • Who owns the employee experience
    • How the employee experience impacts stock prices
    • How to take an "employee first” approach
    • Key factors driving technology in the workplace
    • Global trends in the experience experlence
    • What solutions are moving the needle?

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    Elevating Employee Experience