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    When a visitor enters your workplace, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. It starts the minute they walk through the door and can have a profound effect on how guests view your business—and whether or not they decide to say hello again.

    Visitor management software ensures a first-class experience for each guest that comes through your office doors. The efficiency, security and personalization of this digital solution creates a positive experience for visitors from start to finish.

    Benefits of VISITOR Management Software

    Streamlined check-in process

    It’s often the case that office guests—from clients to job candidates—arrive for their scheduled meeting only to line up and wait. With visitor management software, however, these long lines and wait times disappear. Connections to service kiosks and iPads makes it easy for guests to pre-register, with notifications of arrival sent to the appropriate employees. And with these forms saved to the database, it’s possible to create personalized messaging that welcomes back returning visitors.

    Keeps your office secure

    Whether it’s an overly eager vendor or a competitor looking to get inside information, unwanted visitors are a common issue in the workplace. With manual sign-in sheets at the front desk—the first line of defense against these guests—protecting your employees and other visitors becomes a challenging task. By allowing employees to provide visitor information ahead of time, visitor management systems help avoid this confusion and keep the workplace secure.

    Manage pre-visit communications

    The interactions you have with a guest before their visit is just as important as their experience in the office. Thanks to visitor management software, you can start to establish a positive relationship with the visitor before their arrival. With all of the visitor information easily accessible and archived, employees are able to stay on top of any documents or details that should be sent over to guests ahead of time. This not only creates a more personalized experience, but it also helps make the visit a more productive experience.

    Trends in visitor management Software

    Wayfinding software

    Regardless of where they are headed, a good chunk of the population relies on apps to guide them from one location to the next. This same technology is beneficial to the corporate space. With wayfinding software, workplaces can reduce the amount of time visitors spend walking back and forth across campus, helping them effectively navigate through the environment. When used in conjunction with visitor management software, guests have more control over their experience and require less time and help from staff.

    Gig Economy

    Independent contractors and consultants are growing part of the workforce. In fact, over a third of the workforce is part of what’s known as the “gig economy.” Visitor management software streamlines the sign-in process for these individuals, providing them with a badge and an assigned workstation so they can start working right away. What’s also beneficial about visitor management systems is that they store information about other visitors—potentially competitors who could be vying for the same project.

    CHOOSING Visitor Management SOFTWARE

    Investing in visitor management software is an important decision for your business. To maximize your investment, here are six variables to consider:

    • Research your vendor and ensure that their services align with your needs
    • Inquire as to how new systems and modules will integrate with existing systems
    • Confirm that accessibility is available via mobile devices
    • Ensure that you’re able to tap into data as a resource for managerial decisions
    • See if security checks and balances are in place
    • Have detailed conversations about the training and support that is available

    How Visitor Management Software Advanced Processes for a Top Energy Company

    Acquiring a significantly larger business can be a trying time for an organization. With an influx of new employees—25,000 in the case of one top energy company—effectively managing the workforce and workplace becomes a greater challenge.

    With this pending transition, the energy company looked for a robust tool that could handle the facility management (FM) functions of their growing organization. The integrated workplace management system (IWMS) from iOFFICE was identified as the top choice.

    In the U.S., the Space Management and Move Management modules helped the FM team visualize floor plans online and coordinate moves in a just a few minutes. Further functionality stored information about the office’s assets in one place and accelerated the speed at which work orders were processed.

    In Europe, meanwhile, the Move Management module was leveraged to effectively manage new hires as well as employee terminations. Other modules like Service Request and Visitor provided further benefits to the team by streamlining requests and making data readily available.

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    Your business only has one chance to make a good first impression on visitors. With visitor management software, you have the tools you need to attract top job candidates and retain your best clients.
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