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Through our suite of office space planning, employee experience, and asset maintenance SaaS products, Eptura empowers businesses of all sizes to create the most responsive, frictionless workplaces everywhere.

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Your integrated experience management solution

Our namesake software is the only enterprise platform that combines back-of-house workplace management with full employee experience capabilities, plus dedicated mobile apps.

Returning to the office?

Get the most out of your space.

  • Establish alternate shifts
  • Ensure workspace distancing
  • Create the office experience your
    employees expect

Additional products by Eptura

Workplace experience tool to enhance employee and visitor interactions with workspace

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Enterprise asset management software to optimize equipment performance and compliance

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Simple, user-friendly computerized maintenance management system

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Powerful, smart, and easy-to-use facility management software for companies of every size


Tackle the hybrid workplace with ease by using powerful space planning technology


Integrate data, roles, and goals to help you optimize daily performance, forecast needs, and keep your employees and visitors safe


10,000+ organizations. 85+ countries.

From enterprise to midsize, get to know a few of the companies that choose iOFFICE + SpaceIQ solutions to make their workforces more productive, create exceptional experiences, and simplify facility and equipment management.


Pick only the modules you need or choose the entire platform

Still using multiple systems to operate your workplace? Make your hybrid workplace more flexible by managing it from a central command center.

workplace management

Workplace Management

Everything you need to keep your facilities running smoothly — from maintaining your buildings and fixed assets, making the best use of your portfolio by planning space and moves, to streamlining visitor entry.


Employee Experience

Help your team create the next game-changing idea by giving them the tools to seamlessly interact with the office from their personal devices through native integrations with the apps they already use.


Office Services

Your facilities have a ton of moving parts. From stocking breakroom supplies to making sure packages and print jobs land in the right hands, centrally order, quote, verify, and track items from delivery to receipt.


Reporting & Business Intelligence

Should you downsize office space based on increased remote work, or do you need more collaboration areas due to an uptick in usage? Inform decisions about the future with reporting capabilities that allow you to make sense of key data.

Resources to help you on your smart workplace journey

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Supercharge your competitive advantage

Bring back-of-house facilities management and front-of-house workplace experience together in a single platform.

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Create offices people actually want to return to using native integrations with apps they already use.

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Get the most out of your workspaces with real-time usage data and analytics to help you make more informed decisions about current and future needs.

Supercharge 3

Replace or add onto your existing IWMS platform with an intuitive, mobile-first experience.

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