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Facility Management Software for Technology Companies

Modern facility management that supports all employees

In the technology industry, growth and change can happen fast. Invest in facility management software that is ready to scale with you and your employees’ needs.

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Comprehensive, reliable facilities solutions

Access all your facilities data from one cloud-based platform

As the technology industry expands, the demand for facility management solutions also grows. With full transparency into your building operations and access to multiple layers of data from one platform, you can take a forward-thinking approach to facilities management that reflects the evolving needs of technology companies and alleviates growing concerns around security.

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Support employees in the hybrid workplace

Simply having a hybrid workplace model in place doesn't guarantee success. Companies must enable employees to stay connected to the people, spaces, and services they need to be the most productive at work. The iOFFICE suite of products makes it easy for employees to:

  • Reserve rooms or desks from any location 
  • Find colleagues and navigate the office 
  • Request services for cleaning, catering, and more
  • Receive important announcements while on the go
The New Hybrid Workplace
Space Management Software

Realize the full potential of a digital space management system

Real estate is an organization's second-largest expense -- and one of the best opportunities for reducing costs. Trade in traditional methods of space management for modern tools that drive efficiency throughout your operations and are ready to scale with you. Our cloud-based system brings your building locations, floor layouts, space details, and key metrics together all in one convenient place. 

Simplify workplace management

See your entire real estate portfolio at a glance while accessing real-time space utilization data in just a few clicks. Configure your space and asset types to accommodate growth and make the best use of your space. 

Integrate with other solutions and technology

Unify your space data with move management, room scheduling, and service requests in a single interface. Consolidate multiple facility-related tasks without making your tech stack more complex.

Access uniform data through robust reporting

Leverage standardized space utilization data to generate reports in minutes versus hours. Easily spot trends and translate raw data into actionable insights.

Visualize and plan for the future

Better plan for mid- and long-term growth with easy-to-use workplace analytics tools. Understand the space you have now so you can effectively prioritize resources and forecast intelligently for the space you need in the future.
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Asset and Facility Maintenance Software

Improve operations and drive efficiency

Keep your most critical assets and equipment running smoothly to maintain productive operations. Manage asset and facility maintenance from one centralized queue, with the automation and data in place so you won’t miss a beat. 

Consolidate asset data

Combine detailed information about your assets in digital logs. View and track details about an asset's location, contract details, and maintenance history throughout the duration of its lifecycle.

Prioritize efforts and detect issues

Avoid the untimely (and costly) failure of equipment and building systems with preventive maintenance scheduling. Thanks to a mobile companion app, operations teams can quickly find and log their tasks so you can keep tabs on everything. 

Make informed business decisions

Keep your maintenance budget on track with the help of robust dashboards and reporting. Have a clear indication on when it's time to repair or replace equipment before its cost outweighs its function.
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Employee experience solutions

Empower employees to be their most productive and stay actively engaged

Give employees back more time in their work day with tools to easily access information when and where they need it. Less time spent on manual tasks translates into more time spent on meaningful work and collaboration.

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Employee & Visitor Wayfinding


Hummingbird Mobile App


Room and Desk Booking


Powerful integrations


Intelligent space management

Future-proof facilities systems in the cloud

Modern facilities systems support digital transformation goals and help technology companies align with new strategies. The emergence of cloud-based solutions offers companies more choice, flexibility, and mobility than ever before.

Secure & Privacy-Centered

Dedicated security experts protect the applications and ensure your data is secured using best-in-class industry standard protocols and processes. iOFFICE does not store or utilize any personal information.


Unlike legacy solutions that are difficult to maintain and update, cloud-based software allows your team to access information more easily, saving time and boosting productivity.


iOFFICE solution is right-sized and priced for your individual needs and can grow with your organization. Uniform and consistent data means you can fit any new campuses or facilities into your portfolio easily.

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