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Plan a safer workplace now. Optimize for what’s next.

We’ve entered a new frontier — one that demands a new approach to space planning, facility management, and collaboration. Our suite of return-to-work solutions will keep your employees safe and productive while helping you plan ahead.

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Comprehensive return-to-work solutions

As a workplace leader, you’re facing difficult decisions about when to reopen your offices, how to reduce office density, and how to maintain appropriate spatial distancing. You need software that gives you full visibility into your real estate portfolio while allowing you to reconfigure spaces, seating arrangements, and shifts in seconds.


Plan safer workspaces

with software that instantly reconfigures your floor plans and seating


Manage desk hoteling

with reservation software and an intuitive mobile app for touchless booking


Protect your workforce

with visitor management, wellness checks and contact tracing


Maintain a safe environment

with sensor-enabled service requests

Space Right Blue

It’s safe distancing made simple.

Our new space planning feature allows you to set distancing parameters and instantly reconfigure floor plans. You can also create new seating scenarios, automatically reassign desks, and stagger employee arrival times.

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Resources for making your return to work easy

While the playbook for returning to work continues to evolve, we’ve developed a library of resources with help from our own network of professionals, industry experts, and customers. And we’re constantly adding new ones.

Exceed expectations for a new era

Your employees’ expectations of the workplace have never been higher. Discover what employees need to feel safe, what other companies are doing, and how to update your policies accordingly.

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Protect employee health and wellbeing

How should you manage contact tracing in the workplace? How can you help employees manage stress? Is it time to upgrade your air filtration system? Get answers to the questions keeping you up at night.

Employee wellbing

Ready to plan your return?

We can help you determine what strategies and return-to-work solutions make the most sense for your needs. Schedule a time to talk with one of our workplace experience experts.