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Ensure visitors feel safe, supported, and secure

Explore how iOFFICE’s visitor management system sets the right tone from the moment a guest steps inside your workplace.

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First impressions mean everything

Provide job candidates, clients, and other office guests with a seamless experience from start to finish.


Protect employees with security protocols

Visitor management software is a digital system companies use to register and track each guest entering their facilities. The efficiency, security, and personalization of a visitor management system enhances the total visitor experience.

Visitor management software also defends your workplace against potential security threats by requiring digital registration.

Register Visitors 01

Register visitors in advance

Check in mobile 01

Guests can check-in via mobile

Notify Guests 01

Hosts are notified when guests arrive

Register Visitors 01

Guests check out when leaving

Visitor analytics 01

Run analytic reports to explore visitor trends


Make your check-in process efficient, accessible, and welcoming

Eliminate wasted time and crowded lobbies without ignoring the importance of office security or the need to make a good impression.

Touchless visitor check-in

Speed up visitor check-in time and reduce congestion in your lobbies by providing guests with a QR code they can use to complete the check-in workflow from their personal device. This also eliminates the need for shared touchscreens.

Touchless visitor check in

Visitor pre-registration

Pre-register guests directly from their email inbox or using the reservations module to send meeting details, parking information, office directions, wifi password, and other important information prior to their visit.

Visitor pre register

Host notifications

Native integrations with Slack, Outlook, and iOFFICE Hummingbird notify hosts as soon as guests check-in, reducing subsequent wait times.

Host notification

Custom visitor types

Prompt distinct workflows to contractors, interviewees, vendors, and other types of visitors so they can sign custom contracts or answer specific questions.

Customer visitor types

Watchlists and badge printing

Alert admins about important check-ins, such as when a VIP visits or an unwanted visitor attempts to gain access to your office. Print badges automatically so employees know who is visiting and where they should be.

Visitor watch list

Deliver an exceptional visitor experience

Our visitor management solution helps you make smarter business decisions with real visibility and tools to apply real-time data in context. That way, it’s simple to solve even the most complex workplace challenges.

Easy check-in
Easy check in

Streamlined check-in process

Office guests often arrive for scheduled meetings only to line up and wait. Visitor management system software eliminates these headaches. Connections to service kiosks and iPads makes it easy for guests to pre-register, with arrival notifications sent to the appropriate employees. And with forms saved to the database, you can welcome back returning visitors with personalized messaging.

Safe and secure
Safe secure office space

Keeps your office secure

From overly eager vendors to competitors looking to get inside information, unwanted visitors are a common issue in the workplace. With manual sign-in sheets at the front desk, protecting employees and other visitors becomes a challenge. By allowing employees to provide visitor information ahead of time, visitor management systems help avoid this confusion and keep the workplace secure.

Manage visitor communications

Manage pre-visit communications

Thanks to visitor management system software, you can start to establish a positive relationship with a visitor before their arrival. With all of the visitor information easily accessible and archived, employees can stop on top of documents and details to send guests ahead of time, which creates a more personalized, productive visitor experience.

Contract tracing
Contact tracing app

Contact tracing with organized digital logs

Say goodbye to the days of paper logs. By maintaining digital records of everyone that visits your workplace, you’ll have an easier way to contact individuals in the case of an incident as well as know if someone is still in the building at the end of the day.

Visitor trends
Office visitors

Analyze office visitor trends

Which kinds of visitors are coming into your office? Which lobby are they using most often? Easily find these answers with iOFFICE visitor management software. From these insights, you can take action to streamline the guest experience and manage who comes into your buildings.

Bridged connections
Office motion sensors

Connect the people, places, and things in your workplace

Implementation and adoption of iOFFICE is easier than ever thanks to our integrations. Working with the tools you’ve already invested in, our software enables employees to use their favorite workplace applications such as Slack, Google Calendar, Outlook, and more to pre-register guests and receive arrival notifications.

Greater possibilities
Office visitor check in

Expand the possibilities of your workplace

It’s time to offer a more advanced way for visitors to engage with your workplace. Our visitor management system helps leaders of IT, facilities, and human resources work toward a brighter future. Optimize the visitor experience through wayfinding, room scheduling, desk booking, and more.

Lobby legwork
Office lobby receptionist

Empower lobby managers to focus on other tasks

Lobby managers have a lot of logistics to manage, so finding ways to lighten their workload is beneficial. Self-service check-in flow, automatic badge printing, and host notifications streamline day-to-day efforts, giving lobby managers more time to focus on keeping your office secure.


Why should I use iOFFICE?

You need a proven, reliable partner who understands the challenges of modern workplace management. Our team has been a leader in workplace technology since 2002. Today, we have more than 8,500 global customers across our four brands. Discover what sets us apart.

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56% of customers chose iOFFICE to improve their operations based on its flexibility.

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52% of customers said it took less than five months to implement iOFFICE.



96% of customers said iOFFICE was easier to use compared to other workplace management solutions.

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52% of customers saw a return on their investment within the first three months.

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