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visitor management system

Explore how iOFFICE's visitor management system can help your business run securely, smoothly and more efficiently.


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A visitor management software is a digital system that allows companies to register and track each guest coming into a facility. The efficiency, security and personalization of a visitor management system creates a positive visitor experience from start to finish. Visitor management software protects your workplace from potential security threats by requiring digital registration.
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A robust visitor management system protects your organization from potential security threats while ensuring every visitor feels welcome from the moment they arrive. With our visitor management software, you can: 

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"Security has really improved. We no longer have solicitors or unexpected guests. We have peace of mind knowing that the only visitors we're going to get are the ones that we expect."

Amy Leigh Hufford, Interior Designer, NELSON Worldwide

"iOFFICE allows our teams to centrally store and retrieve data, report on data, and quote jobs. This has greatly reduced our issue of losing data and has made us more efficient in servicing our customers."

Kimento, Director, Merrill Corporation

Does your company need A VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM?

A visitor management software is a digital system that allows companies to register and track each guest coming into a facility. The efficiency, security and personalization of a visitor management system enhances the visitor experience from start to finish. Visitor management system software protects your workplace from potential security threats by requiring digital registration. 

Your team can pre-register guests and check their names against your company’s security watchlist. In addition to protecting your workforce, this streamlines the check-in process, eliminating long lines during big events or busy days. 

It also creates a more welcoming experience for everyone who comes to your office—whether they are employees, clients, prospects or job candidates. 


What sets iOFFICE VMS apart

Welcome to the future of visitor management 

Frictionless technology for your modern workplace

Still using a pen and paper log for visitor management? Bring your workplace up to speed with iOFFICE’s digital visitor management system to provide a seamless experience that makes a great impression. It’s the modern solution for end-to-end visitor management. 

Save time and eliminate hassle 

Make your spaces as safe as your guests need them to be, and free up your team to focus on making the most out of the workday with visitor management system. 

Expand the possibilities of your workplace 

It’s time to offer a more advanced way for visitors to engage with your workplace. Our visitor management system helps leaders of IT, facilities, and human resources work toward a brighter future. Transform your guest’s visit through wayfinding, room scheduling, desk booking, and more. 

Deliver an exceptional visitor experience 

Our visitor management solution allows you to craft smarter business decisions with real visibility and tools to apply real-time data in context, so it’s simple to solve even the most complex workplace challenges. 

Connect the people, places, and things in your workplace 

Our integrations make implementation and adoption easier than ever. iOFFICE works with the tools you’ve already invested in, so your employees can keep using their favorite workplace applications, such as Slack, Google Calendar, Outlook, and more.


How visitor management systems helps address COVID-related issues

Leverage technology for a safer workplace 

Take the work out of visitor management and eliminate the barriers to a great workplace experience.

Hands-free sign-in and touchless badge printing

Avoid crowded lobbies and long wait times. Our touchless visitor management solution supports hands-free sign-in and touchless badge printing. Pre-registered guests simply scan a QR code from their mobile device to check-in, print a photo ID badge, and notify their hosts of their arrival via email, Slack, or text.

Preserve privacy and protect sensitive information 
Secure records for contract tracing 

With OFFICE, you can maintain a secure visitor log you can use for contact tracing. Our visitor management system helps protect visitor information while you keep the workplace safe for everyone. You can screen guests for symptoms with a wellness questionnaire. When there’s a risk, you’ll receive an alert so you can respond quickly. 

Monitor, optimize, and take action 

Welcome your employees and visitors back to your new and improved workplace. iOFFICE’s visitor management system saves time and effort as you minimize the risk of exposure, comply with regulations, implement new procedures, and enforce company policies. 


visitor management system software helps streamline the check in process


It’s often the case that office guests—from clients to job candidates—arrive for their scheduled meeting only to line up and wait. With visitor management system software, however, these long lines and wait times disappear. Connections to service kiosks and iPads makes it space management easy and a smooth experience for guests to pre-register, with notifications of arrival sent to the appropriate employees. And with these forms saved to the database, it’s possible to create personalized messaging that welcomes back returning visitors.

visitor management system software helps keep your system secure


Whether it’s an overly eager vendor or a competitor looking to get inside information, unwanted visitors are a common issue in the workplace. With manual sign-in sheets at the front desk—the first line of defense against these guests—protecting your employees and other visitors becomes a challenging task. By allowing employees to provide visitor information ahead of time, visitor management systems help avoid this confusion and keep the workplace secure.

visitor management system software helps manage pre visit communications


The interactions you have with a guest before their visit are just as important as their experience in the office. Thanks to visitor management system software, you can start to establish a positive relationship with the visitor before their arrival. With all of the visitor information easily accessible and archived, employees are able to stay on top of any documents or details that should be sent over to guests ahead of time. This not only creates a more personalized visitor experience, but it also helps make the visit a more productive experience.


visitor management system software wayfinding


Regardless of where they are headed, a good chunk of the population relies on apps to guide them from one location to the next. This same technology is beneficial to the corporate space. With a wayfinding system, workplaces can reduce the amount of time visitors spend walking back and forth across campus, helping them effectively navigate through the environment. When used in conjunction with visitor management system software, guests have more control over their experience and require less time and help from staff.

visitor management system to streamline gig economy


Independent contractors and consultants are growing part of the workforce. In fact, over a third of the workforce is part of what’s known as the “gig economy.” Visitor management system software streamlines the sign-in process for these individuals, providing them with a badge and an assigned workstation so they can start working right away. What’s also beneficial about visitor management systems is that they store information about other visitors—potentially competitors who could be vying for the same project.


Visitor management system helps facilities managers, workplace leaders and corporate real estate professionals maintain security and ensure a welcoming visitor experience. 

variables to consider
    • Does the visitor management system integrate with your existing workplace technology? 
    • Is it 100% cloud-based?
    • Does it have a mobile app?
    • Is it easy for employees to use?
    • Is your visitor data secure?