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Education Facilities Management Software

Create a dynamic, supportive environment for educators & students

Seamlessly manage and maintain all your educational facilities to improve the in-person learning experience and empower achievement.

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Promote excellence in your schools

All your school facilities data in one place,
accessible from anywhere

Keeping your stadiums, libraries, administrative buildings, and other school facilities safe and in compliance with funding regulations is a large responsibility. Accurate and timely reporting is critical, which means you need a system that provides consistent data that's easy to work with, easy to gather, and can accommodate the complexities that come along with managing education facilities.

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Space Management Software Features

Improve the learning environment and maintain credibility as an organization

Learning is no longer confined to the classroom. Take a holistic approach to improving the learning environment — from academic buildings and resources to science labs and sports equipment. Consolidate your data into a single platform to keep information organized, streamline operations, and strategically plan for the future.

Organize every aspect
of your facility

Digitize every aspect of your facility to keep information organized, connected, and easily accessible. Surface asset locations, room availability, and more so everyone has access to the information they need to perform their duties.

Easily generate reports in minutes, not hours

Securing funding and staying in compliance for school facilities can feel like piecing together a puzzle. Standardize space data for all your buildings and campuses so you can save time gathering the information you need.

Align space planning strategy with opportunities

Get what you need to provide the best facilities for students with intelligent space planning and forecasting that enables you to make capital planning decisions with confidence.
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Asset and Facility Maintenance Software

Maintain safe buildings and equipment
for students and faculty

Use a system that unifies all the data from your school buildings and campuses to streamline tasks, increase the lifetime of your assets, and create a more informed maintenance process.

Forecast needs and replenish inventory

Keep documents and vendor contracts all in one vendor portal and easily order new parts, supplies, or assets to make repairs and inventory replenishment a breeze.


Extend the life of your buildings

Increase longevity of building systems and facility equipment and make your investments last with preventive maintenance and easy scheduling. Document asset conditions to maintain accurate, easy-to-access logs for compliance and reporting.

Expedite work orders and reduce downtime

Quickly deploy team members to handle incoming work order requests while you get real-time updates. A mobile companion app guides users to the work site and provides steps, details, and the ability to close tickets.

Space reservations for your staff and community

Teachers, staff, and community leaders share gyms, auditoriums, buses, and technology labs to support educational programs. Reservation software lets everyone see when spaces are available or occupied so they can plan ahead.
Reservation Rules
Availability &

Room Booking
Cleaning Schedules

Reservation Rules


Set reservation rules for any type of space

Reservation policies vary by space type — for instance, computer labs may need shorter reservation times than gyms. Whatever your policies, reservation software helps communicate and enforce them across all your school's spaces.

Availability &

Room Booking


Real-time availability and booking

Administrators need to gather teams and keep things schools running smoothly. Conference room booking systems show real-time availability and allow future scheduling to remove scheduling conflicts and eliminate time wasted looking for open space.

Cleaning Schedules


Optimize cleaning schedules

With occupancy sensors that collect utilization data, your facilities team can print a daily report for more efficient, cost-effective cleaning.
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Employee experience solutions

Find a whole new appreciation for in-person learning experiences

Teachers have enough on their plates without needing to remember how to use complicated systems to reserve space in labs and libraries or submit requests for broken AV equipment. Help them easily find information and request services all in one place so they can focus on the work that matters.

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People, places, equipment, and services in the palm of their hand


Digital wayfinding kiosks & floorplan maps


Real-time sensor occupancy data

Make major improvements to in-person education to support changing needs

Modern technology, remote learning, and expanding education organizations and regulations all signal the need for agile software that moves with you. Traditional solutions are difficult to maintain and update and weren’t built to accommodate the complex buildings you manage today. Cloud-based software gives your team greater freedom to expand your services and protect your data with industry-leading security protocols.

Secure & Privacy-Centered

Our dedicated security experts ensure the applications and your data are secured using industry standard protocols and processes. iOFFICE does not store or utilize any education records or student information in its systems.


With cloud-based software, your team can easily access the data they need to be productive anywhere.


iOFFICE solutions are right-sized and priced for your individual needs and can grow with your organization. Uniform and consistent data means you can fit any new campuses or facilities into your portfolio easily.

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