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The Leading Employee Experience Mobile App

The iOFFICE Hummingbird App

What is Hummingbird?

The iOFFICE Hummingbird employee experience app provides your employees with a one-stop shop for managing their day at your facility. Employees can reserve workstations or conference rooms, submit and follow up with service requests, be alerted to incoming mail and visitors, and more using the convenience and safety of their mobile device.

How it works

iOFFICE Hummingbird collects real-time data about how your employees work so you can make adjustments as needed and plan for the future.

Simply add your floor plans

Easily upload AutoCAD or Revit drawings from your desktop and use them to help employees navigate your workplace and find and reserve available spaces. 


Make your connections

Connect to critical systems, including your IWMS, HR, IoT, ERP, IT, help desk, reservations, building automation, energy optimization, and building security system, to obtain badge swipe data.


Begin collecting real-time data

Begin collecting real-time data through Hummingbird’s Insights module in an infinite loop of employee usage and real-time, responsive feedback.



Top features

Help employees find people, places, and information with workplace solutions that meet them wherever they are. Allow them to see available workspaces, then reserve them from a workplace app that integrates with calendar tools.

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Find people, spaces, rooms, events, and information

Employees need and want self-service access to find people, teams, projects, and neighborhoods — or even PPE pickup or hand sanitizing stations. Hummingbird connects your workforce with the vital information and crucial tools they need to get the job done and unite with your workplace culture.


Reserve spaces on-the-fly or in the future

Employees can effortlessly find and book the perfect space for their most critical tasks — meetings, private calls, focused work, quick collaboration, or even a nap. Using the Hummingbird mobile app, they can book space via live search, QR code scan, or a full floor plan lookup with filtering based on availability.


Request service from the palm of your hand

Create and maintain facilities that attract employee talent, promote sustainability, and minimize ongoing operational expenses. Hummingbird gives employees a simple gateway to request services, regardless of the department fulfilling the order


Receive guests, service, packages, and mail

Create processes that make visitors feel welcome and employees feel safe. Get notified when visitors check into your lobby. Check where important mail items are and when they’ll be delivered through a mobile app that makes the experience fast and flawless.

Benefits of Hummingbird

It’s easy to see why over 40% of iOFFICE customers use the Hummingbird mobile app!


Deliver an employee experience they’ll love

Mobile apps help employees and visitors better navigate the workplace and collaborate with each other. Employees and visitors can get directions to locate a person or a room from anywhere, anytime.

frictionless room and desk booking

Enhance and facilitate frictionless booking

Enable your workforce to reserve the type of space they need, when they need it, resulting in better use of your workspace assets and more flexibility for your workforce. Provide your workforce and visitors the ability to see when a room or space will be available next and book from their phone, or tap the panel to reserve it as they walk by.

easy internal communication

Make internal communication a breeze

Keep your workforce up to date without blasting out emails. With Hummingbird, you can share cafeteria menus, promote company events, communicate weather alerts and road closures, and more.

real-time insights with workplace data

Access real-time
workplace data

When an employee experience app connects with an IWMS, you can see how employees are actually using the workplace and make adjustments as needed. Using an employee experience app and an IWMS together closes the gap between operations and employees, providing an infinite loop of value.


What analysts and customers are saying...

“The Employee Experience Layer for any IWMS” is what analyst firm Verdantix calls iOFFICE Hummingbird. Rather than disrupt your technology, Hummingbird hovers above it with a single plugin and APIs that let you create a new world of experience at work.

With iOFFICE Hummingbird, you get:


Custom licensing

Modest licensing for up to 5,000-100,000+ users


Flexible cancellation

A transparent and flexible, 30-day cancellation policy


No hidden fees

One monthly fee covers services and support for each site’s licenses


No hassles

We handle all maintenance and upgrades, so you have peace of mind


Already have an active CAFM or IWMS?

You can easily connect your tech stack with no need to “rip and replace” or wait for integrations and upgrades. Hummingbird hovers over any piece of the existing IT landscape.