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Healthcare Facilities Management Software

Peace of mind for managing your portfolio of healthcare facilities

Deliver stability and predictability to employees, enable a safe return to office, and futureproof your healthcare facilities with workplace management software.

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Merge information with action

Access all your critical healthcare facilities data in one place, from anywhere

Managing healthcare facilities means having to contend with ever-expanding real estate portfolios, and differing geographic, policy, and facility needs. You’re providing information your stakeholders need, maintaining complex medical equipment, and creating an experience where healthcare professionals are empowered to accomplish their best work so patients can heal. iOFFICE provides workflows, consistency, access, and insight into everything and everyone under your watch.

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Asset and Facility Maintenance Software

Streamline operations and reduce costs

In healthcare settings, delivering quality care at critical times relies on having accurate data. Maintain critical equipment and facilities with software that helps employees navigate facilities, streamline workflows, and keep everything ready.

Maintain compliance with asset tracking

New healthcare regulations require detailed information about every asset. Keep a digital log that lets you keep track of every asset and associated details with mobile software.


Reduce downtime and backlogs

Avoid the expense of equipment and building system failures with preventative maintenance scheduling. A mobile companion app for operations teams helps them find and log their tasks so you can keep track of everything.

Make smarter business decisions

See what factors are impacting your facility maintenance costs and when you should repair or replace equipment with robust dashboards and reporting.
Space Management Software

Free yourself from the confines of legacy on-premise space software

From examination rooms to administration offices, each space in your healthcare facilities is unique. Dynamic floor plans with visual information and customizable space types allow you to bring your floor plans, real estate information, operations, and data securely wherever the day takes you. 

People, places, and assets

Customizable space and asset types to digitize and connect your facilities. Surface asset locations, available rooms, employee offices, and other data you need to optimize operations.

Uniform data with rapid reporting

Standardize space data for all your campuses to get high level information or take a deep dive into detailed information. Then, easily generate reports in minutes, not hours.

Optimize costs with strategic space planning

How much space will you need to serve a growing patient base? Plan and forecast intelligently so you can make capital planning decisions with confidence.
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Employee experience solutions

Create a productive environment so employees can focus on the work that matters

Healthcare facilities are complicated, and employees need the tools to be their best to serve and support patients better. Mobile tools with easy-to-use UX means employees can find what they’re looking for quickly, whether it's their task, room, or another colleague.

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Employee & Visitor Wayfinding


Hummingbird Mobile App


Intelligent space management

Future-proof healthcare facilities systems in the cloud

Modern facilities systems support digital transformation goals and help healthcare facilities align with new strategies. The emergence of cloud-based solutions offers companies more choice, flexibility, and mobility than ever before.

Secure & Privacy-Centered

Dedicated security experts protect the applications and ensure your data is secured using best-in-class industry standard protocols and processes. iOFFICE does not store or utilize any personal information.


Unlike legacy solutions that are difficult to maintain and update, cloud-based software allows your team to access information more easily, saving time and boosting productivity.


iOFFICE solution is right-sized and priced for your individual needs and can grow with your organization. Uniform and consistent data means you can fit any new campuses or facilities into your portfolio easily.

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