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Insurance Agency Facility Management Software

Safer, more sustainable facilities with better control & easy reporting

Your insurance company is growing rapidly. To support more customers and employees, you need facility management software that’s easy to use, maintain, and scale.

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Robust, reliable facilities solutions

Integrate all your facilities data into single platform

Accommodating change and growth means being able to quickly share and access multiple layers of information from all your facilities — and apply it intelligently. By integrating your data in a platform that does it all, you can modernize your approach to facilities management to reflect evolving insurance agency needs and increasing security concerns in the insurance industry.

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Return to office with confidence

You need a flexible and powerful solution that helps you bring employees back to the office safely with confidence and agile enough to set policies and plan for the future. With iOFFICE suite of products, you can: 

  • Reconfigure office layout for safe distancing 
  • Help employees find PPE, sanitization stations 
  • Enable touchless room and desk reservations
  • Maintain digital logs for contact tracing
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Space Management Software

Leverage the full effect of a
digital space management system

Break free from traditional ways of managing space that waste time on upgrading and maintenance. Get modern tools that scale with you and drive efficiency through all operations. A dynamic cloud-based system brings your floorplans, operations, real estate information, and facility data wherever the day takes you.

Untangle the complexity of managing the workplace

Configure space and asset types to digitize and connect every aspect of your facilities directly onto floor plansAccess the relevant information in just a few clicks to optimize operations.

Integrate with your operations systems

Use your space data as a single source of truth that unifies your facility’s room scheduling software, move management, service requests into a single connected workplace.

Get uniform data with rapid reporting

Standardize space data for all your campuses to get high-level visibility or take a deep dive into detailed information. Then, easily generate reports in minutes, not hours.

Supercharge your strategy for the future

Unleash the power of your data with easy-to-use workplace analytics tools that help you prioritize resources effectively and forecast intelligently so you can make capital planning decisions with confidence.
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Asset and Facility Maintenance Software

Improve efficiency and streamline operations

No matter what happens, keep your assets and equipment in great condition. Maintain critical equipment and facilities with software that helps employees navigate facilities, streamline workflows, and keep everything moving so you won’t miss a beat.

Consolidate asset information

Fulfill the needs of your workplace by combining detailed information about every asset with digital logs that let you keep track of the tools, resources, and associated details using mobile software.


Focus your efforts and detect issues

Avoid the expense of equipment and building system failures with preventative maintenance scheduling. A mobile companion app for operations teams helps them find and log their tasks so you can track everything.

Make smarter business decisions

Be in tune with the factors impacting facility maintenance costs and derive information from robust dashboards and reporting. Understand when it's time to repair or replace your equipment.
Employee experience solutions

Free employees from roadblocks that stand in the way of productivity and engagement

Ease the burden of time-consuming, manual tasks by giving employees easy access to information when and where they need it. Plus, with more ways to interact with the work environment, there's more time for individual productivity and meaningful collaboration.

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Employee & Visitor Wayfinding


Hummingbird Mobile App


Room & Desk Booking


Powerful integrations


Intelligent space management

Future-proof facilities systems in the cloud

Modern facilities systems support digital transformation goals and help businesses align with new strategies. The emergence of cloud-based solutions offers companies more choice, flexibility, and mobility than ever before.

Secure & Privacy-Centered

Dedicated security experts protect the applications and ensure your data is secured using best-in-class industry standard protocols and processes. iOFFICE does not store or utilize any personal information.


Unlike legacy solutions that are difficult to maintain and update, cloud-based software allows your team to access information more easily, saving time and boosting productivity.


iOFFICE solution is right-sized and priced for your individual needs and can grow with your organization. Uniform and consistent data means you can fit any new campuses or facilities into your portfolio easily.

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