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    12 Little Known Things FMs Can Do On Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

    Kaitlan Whitteberry

    Whether you're monitoring your office's social pages, or just tweeting occasionally from a personal account, it's likely you spend some amount of your day on social media. You've probably noticed illustrationthings in the social realm change fairly often, so often that we're scrambling to keep up. Sprinkled among these changes are some pretty great features, that sometimes slip through the cracks, even for those of us that use social on a daily basis. Here are 12 little known features on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter that FMs may have not known about - but should definitely use! 

    12 Little Known Things You Can Do On...



    1) Save links for later


    Sometimes there are just too many awesome blogs for you to read at once, or maybe you're browsing on your phone and don't want to strain you eyes reading on that tiny screen. The beauty of this new feature is you can store all the articles you want to save and read later. Simply click on the right drop down arrow and select "Save Event" or "Save Post". You can find your stored posts on your home page under "Saved". 

    2) Add a 'Contact Us" button on business page

    This feature is brand new and is perfect for businesses who want to communicate with their clients outside of Facebook. When you log in to your business page, you should see a small rectangular button to the right of your profile picture and to the left the share button. Click on this button and you'll be prompted to add text to the "CTA" or Call-to-Action and you can then customize the URL you would like viewers to be directed to. 

    3) Reorder sections on your business page


    If you have access to your facility's business page (or you're super awesome and created it yourself) try switching the order of your sections. Some sections may be more important yo your fan base than others. Facebook won't allow you to move the "About" section, but all of the others can be rearranged until your heart's content. 

    4) Pin a post to the top of your page


    If you have an event approaching or just an important post you would like more people to see, try "highlighting" the post. This pins that post to the top of your Facebook page, so when people visit they see that post before any other.  



    5) Add hidden relationship notes


    One of the benefits of social is your ability to stay connected with so many more individuals than you would ever be able to in person. However, this massive network you've accumulated can wreck havoc on your memory. Where did you meet Sue again, was it at the IFMA conference, or is she your distant relative? Lucky for us forgetful individuals, LinkedIn understands our desperate need to categorize people. They've introduced a feature where you can create little "reminders" of how you met someone, or conversations you've had in the past. To do this just go to another connection's profile, and click the "relationship" tab to customize. These tidbits you create are completely hidden from anyone but you, thank goodness. 

    6) Embed media files on your profile

    Simply stating your work history often isn't enough anymore, people want to see tangible proof of your work. LinkedIn allows work samples to be added to your summary, education and experience sections on your profile. Go to your profile in edit mode, and scroll down to the section you would like to add samples to. You should see a square box with a plus sign in the right hand corner, which is the "add media" icon. You can then either enter the URL of your work site or upload individual documents. If you need additional instructions, check out LinkedIn's help page here

    7) Create a resume right from your page 

    You spent all of that time perfecting your LinkedIn profile, now you can take that information and turn it into a hard copy resume. LinkedIn does all of the hard work for you, simply pick a template and add or remove content you want featured. To access this feature, head to the Resume Builder here

    8) Customize your public profile URL

    If you haven't already done this, don't read any further into this article and go to LinkedIn now. This is such an important part of personal branding, and if you have a common name you want to be sure to snag it before another John Doe does. Simply go to your profile and click on the personal URL below your profile picture. You will be redirected to a page to select your customized link. A good rule is to first try your first and last name, however if that is already taken add your middle name or a few simple numbers at the end. The key is simplicity here, you want it to look professional and easy to read. 



    9) Tag people in Twitter photos


    When you tweet to a person either siting their article or mentioning them in a post, their Twitter handle can take up valuable characters. To include them in your tweet without taking up space, tag them in your photo! They'll still get a notification and you'll still feel good about thanking them for their content. To do this, after adding your photo click the "Who's in this picture?" link and then type their Twitter handle. 

    10) Create a Twitter photo collage

    When you add a photo to a tweet the button that said "add photo" will change to say "add more". Twitter allows you to add up to four photos per tweet, perfect for a collage! 

    11) See all of the tweets you've favored 


    Favoring a tweet is comparable to "liking" a post on Facebook, except Twitter makes your favorites easy to find later on. By clicking the "favorites" tab link on your profile you can review those tweets. You can almost save tweets for later if you're in a hurry or don't have time to read a full article. 

    12) Mute people you don't want to unfollow 


    We all know that one Twitter handle, that tweets sixteen times in a row while at a concert and it's clogging up your feed. He may be a personal friend of yours, so you don't want to unfollow him. Your alternative to telling him to cool it is to "mute" him. They won't be notified, and it's reversible. Simply click the ... button on a tweet and select "mute". To undo this action, go to your profile settings and select "muted accounts".

    We hope you find these little known features useful in your social planning! If you would like additional inspiration when you're creating posts or editing your company pages, check out our guide to social media for facilities managers.


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    Kaitlan Whitteberry


    Kaitlan Whitteberry

    Kaitlan Whitteberry is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Missouri's journalism program, and currently focuses on iOFFICE press releases, software updates and related news.

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