12 Shocking Statistics Every Facilities Manager Should Know

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on January 2, 2015

The way we do business is constantly evolving. New technologies change the way we interact with clients, how we hire employees, and the methods we use to organize our facilities. Some are more agreeable to the thought of using technology to assist with business. If you’re still skeptical, we have gathered a few shocking statistics to prove technology is here to help, if its used correctly.

12 Shocking Statics Every Facilities Manager Should Know.

The rapid change today’s workforce has experienced is forcing Facility Managers and Human Resources to reinvent the workspace environment. For those of you that are still skeptical about these technological advances and their place in the workplace, we have rounded up a few statistics that are sure to get you thinking, if not totally convince you.

These are just a few powerful statistics supporting the rise in facility management, as well as the software tools utilized today. You can find more stats, figures and real-world examples in the Case Studies page of our website.

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