20 Qualities Employers Look For in Facilities Manager Candidates

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on February 7, 2015

As the facilities manager, you work hard every single day to make sure things run smoothly at your office. Whether you’ve been doing this for years or you’ve just graduated school, a career in FM is both rewarding and a secure choice as the profession’s demand continues to increase. Here’s a checklist to make sure you possess the right qualities to get noticed for a career or a promotion in facilities management. 

Walk into a building, any building, and you’ve already been exposed to the hard work of a facilities manager and likely their team. Clean floors, attractive lighting and operational elevators may not grab your attention when they work, but if they didn’t you would definitely take notice. The facilities managers’ job is not only imperative to a functioning office, it’s a job that takes an array of skills that often come from experience but some from personalty. 

If you’re vying for that lingering promotion, looking to switch career paths, or want to jump into facilities management out of school, here’s a printable checklist that will help you identify your strengths and maybe highlight the skills you can work on to become more well rounded as a candidate. (And for more great tips on positioning yourself for a career climb, check out our free resource: A Facility Leader’s Guide to Landing an Awesome Job.)

This checklist not only provides you with the qualities you should focus on, but explains why each is critical to facilities management in particular. It also serves as a great talking point list for when you’re interviewing or receiving your annual review. 

Download the checklist here, or click the button below. 


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