Reasons Why Facility Management Teams Are Struggling (And How We Can Help)

by James McDonald on August 14, 2014

Keeping up with all the moving pieces of a facility can be quite the overwhelming task. Facilities teams are inundated with requests from every direction, each of equal importance. If your team is not armed with the proper tools, procedures can actually hinder your job even further. Through our close customer relationships, we have identified the four main areas in which FM teams struggle and are here to enlighten you in how iOffice can help.

Struggle #1- The FM team is bombarded with requests in multiple forms.

Your executive shoots you an email regarding an issue she/he is having. IT is calling you with questions about the new hires coming onboard next week. The a/c technician is texting you to verify the appointment time for routine servicing. And as you are walking down the hallway, several members of HR notify you of issues regarding the new hires IT has called you about. Sound familiar?

As the head of the facility management team, you are here to serve your customers, but it can be challenging to keep up with all these requests over so many different platforms. Through a facilities management software solution multi-tasking facility managersuch as iOffice’s Integrated Workspace Management System (IWMS) you can save valuable time (and sanity) by bundling all these requests into one place. The facilities maintenance module provides all approved users, including your outside technicians, the ability to set up a work order, as well as real time information regarding what has been done and details regarding the request. This eliminates your facilities team as the middleman, providing your workforce the timely service they deserve. This module easily integrates with our asset tracking module, so you can rest easy knowing all details regarding your company’s assets are always kept up-to-date.

Struggle #2- A new employee starts tomorrow. Where will they sit and do they have the necessary tools to work, such as a computer, phone, etc?

One of your many roles is to ensure each of your colleagues have the proper space and tools to complete their work. You must communicate with HR regarding the specifics of the new employee, as well as IT, who will ensure their computer, printer and phone are ready to go once the new hire arrives. iOffice’s asset tracking module provides you information regarding who has ownership of what tools, as well as what is currently available for use. Integrate with our service request module to send out requests to IT and track progress in real time. Just as important as their workspace tools, is the space itself. Confer with HR regarding the new employee’s spatial needs and plan accordingly through our space management software module. Have multiple new hires coming onboard at once? No problem. This space management software allows you to create various occupancy scenarios, as well as forecast future needs.

Struggle #3- One of your employees comes to you with a request to move to a new workspace. Their current desk is hindering their productivity.

new workspace requestWithout a facilities management software in place, facilitating even a small move such as this could prove time-consuming, costing your company precious dollars in lost productivity. Our move management software integrates with the space management module, so you can fully map out these changes before executing a move ticket. It then coordinates with each task group involved in the move, so every step is completed properly and in a timely manner. And since our modules are fully integrated, all records are updated automatically regarding where the employee has moved and what asset changes have been made as a result of the move.

Planning a large-scale move? The move management software can handle that too. The graphics provide you and your team a visual picture of this move, allowing for various scenarios to be considered. There will likely be multiple parties involved in a move of this magnitude and this tool affords the necessary collaboration to make the move as seamless as possible.

Struggle #4- “I scheduled Conference Room A for 11am but there is a meeting still in there and it’s 11:15.”

In an effort to maximize their spatial assets, more and more companies are moving towards reinventing their workspace. Innovative ideas such as think spaces, hoteling, flex spacing, and telecommuting are becoming the norm. If your company has adopted some or all of these practices, reserving space for a meeting with a client or a quiet room to complete a project before deadline has become quite the challenge. Many companies have utilized tools such as Outlook to create meetings and send out invitations. But how do you ensure the room will be vacant for the timeframe you need? iOffice has developed the solution for you. Our room reservation module allows you to reserve the desired space, invite guests, and will even add the meeting to your calendar. Should you need special equipment for the event, you can send that request out as well.

We know how important mobility is to you, so we developed the OpenSpace mobile app to complement our room reservation software, allowing you full capability from your smartphone or tablet. As a matter of fact, most of our modules now have a mobile app to go along with it. So now you don’t have to wait until you get back to the office to set up that client meeting. Just simply reserve the space right from your mobile device and it will update all information accordingly.

Our team knows and understands the challenges companies are facing today. We listen closely to our clients and their ever-changing needs. It is our job to come up with the solutions tailored to your specific requirements. So whether yours is a global corporation or a small, local company, our IWMS has the answers. If it doesn’t for some reason, we will work with you to find the right fit, so that you can focus your energies on achieving the company’s targeted growth.


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