4 Ways to Create a Happy Workplace Through Technology

by James McDonald on November 7, 2016

Take a minute and think about the time and money you commit to retaining your customers.

Now consider that your employees are your first customers. You should be investing just as much effort (if not more) into creating a workplace that meets their needs. After all, a happy workforce leads to happy clients.

In a previous post, we discussed five software solutions business leaders can use to improve employee morale. Here are four more workplace technologies that management teams can use to build a happier, more productive workforce.

1. e-Learning Software

BrainCert, Mindflash, SkyPrep

Professional development is important to nearly every individual in an organization, regardless of how long they’ve been in the workforce.

Employees can expand their knowledge base and skill set with eLearning software, increasing their productivity and job satisfaction. Many softwares also offer professional certifications, which can support employees in their careers.

Not only does eLearning software give existing employees the opportunity to learn more but it can also be used to onboard new team members and make sure they feel comfortable with their duties. When an employee can enter a new position with a thorough understanding of his or her role, both the employee and his or her colleagues can feel more confident in the team’s success.

Videoconferencing allows clients to pick up body language cues2. Videoconferencing

Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, join.me

We gather so much more information in face-to-face communication than on the phone or through email. We can detect subtle body language cues and more easily build a connection when we can physically see someone.

This is why we recommend videoconferencing software. When an employee meets with a client or colleague via video, he has more control over how his message is perceived since his tone is less likely to be misinterpreted the way it can be in emails.

And videoconferencing helps employees build better rapport with their clients as well as colleagues in satellite locations by giving a more human touch to their interactions.

3. Collaboration Software

Atlassian Confluence, Glasscubes, Huddle

Similar to videoconferencing software, collaboration software creates a more connected environment among all employees, both local and remote. It facilitates interdepartmental communication and makes sure each person involved in a project is always on the same page and is aligned on priorities. This workplace technology makes it easy to crowdsource ideas from each person involved in a project, which improves the decision-making process.

In addition, collaboration software eliminates the frustrating back and forth of revising drafts multiple times by allowing simultaneous co-editing. Colleagues can view a document at the same time and discuss any minor or major updates in real time, accomplishing in a matter of hours (or even minutes) what might have previously taken weeks. Plus, with one central database, teams can ensure everyone always has the most up-to-date version of a document.

Music can improve employee satisfaction4. Streaming Music Subscription

Google Play, Pandora, Spotify

Silence isn’t golden. And silence in a workplace is usually a warning sign the workforce isn’t communicating and collaborating in the ways that support a healthy work environment.

Many offices have added speakers that stream a shared playlist to which anyone can add a track. This approach does require the buy-in of everyone in the office, though, since some people prefer to work without music. But if everyone gives the thumbs up, tunes can help boost both morale and productivity.

If some employees prefer not to have a community speaker, they should be permitted to listen to their own music with headphones. Just as some would rather work without music, there are those who work much better with it.

Management teams who leverage the workplace technology mentioned in this article can count on a happier and more engaged workforce. When employees can see that management appreciates them and cares about their job satisfaction, it fosters loyalty to the company, which means better employee retention. The workforce is one of an organization’s most important assets—they should be treated as such.

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