6 Reasons Why Companies Use Web-Based Facility Management Software

by Elizabeth Dukes on May 8, 2014

iOffice has SaaS software for workplace managersIf you have been paying any attention at all over the last few years, you have likely encountered “the cloud”, either personally or professionally. As technology surrounding the cloud-based system advances, more and more companies are moving towards a web-based (also called SaaS) system for their software solutions. The advantages to this breed of software are extensive.

6 Reasons for Choosing Web-Based Facility Management

We have compiled a list of our top 6 reasons for choosing a web-based system for your organization.

1. Attract and retain top talent– Regardless of the industry you are a part of, one of your principal goals is to be a leader. One of the most critical components to being a top industry leader is the people you surround yourself with. Building your organization from the ground up with top talent is a vital. Often more difficult than attracting these strong players, is retaining them. Keeping them engaged in today’s work environment requires providing them access to the information and tools they need to work efficiently and 

with ease. Supply them with the latest in information and technology and their loyalty will reside with you.

2. Reduction in spatial needs– Twenty years ago, a majority of the workforce drove to work every day and had their own workspace. With the realization that employees can still be productive working remotely, many organizations are encouraging telecommuting. This not only keeps employees happy, but saves on spatial costs, often by as much as 5 percent. And since employee and spatial costs make up a major portion of a company’s budget, this new work style is saving organizations some major dollars. How much would your company save if you were able to seat 2,000 employees in 400 desks?

3. Efficiency– The utilization of a web-based FM software solution affords you the ability to communicate with the various departments, coordinating what you need with efficiency and ease. Should you partner with a platform that only allows you to work from the computer the software is loaded onto, you and your team members would be required to go back to your desks each time a new entry is needed. By aligning yourself with a web-based solution, you can access and make entries from wherever you are. Partners have experienced a 30 percent reduction in calls, just in using the web-based maintenance module alone.

4. Save time– Time is a very precious thing; something we never seem to have enough of. The average American works a minimum of 46 hours per week, approximately 378 more hours than our counterparts across the globe. With work-life balance such a difficult thing to come by, it only makes sense to provide our employees with the tools to complete their tasks more efficiently AND quickly. Provide them the online software tools to share and access valuable information right when they need it and you can help your employees get some of those precious hours back. Not only will you see production rise, you will see the smiles on your workers faces as they come in to work refreshed and ready to tackle the day.  

5. Wider mobility– Historically, software platforms have been loaded onto each individual computer within the organization. As mobility becomes more and more of a necessity, businesses are turning to solutions their employees can access from wherever they are. This is where the web-based system becomes advantageous. Your web-based solution allows you access to your information in the platform built for you, anytime and anywhere.

6. Let someone else worry with the technical stuff– According to a recent Forbes article, statistics indicate that up to 80% of IT budgets are tied up in routine maintenance. With so many daily tasks that need their attention, the last thing you want is to add more to IT’s plate. When you purchase an internet-based software system, the vendor takes care of regular updates, as well as any issues that may arise. This frees your employees up to focus on more essential daily tasks.

The most operative workspaces must furnish their employees with the technology they need to be productive, mobile and flexible. Your team members must be able to communicate and collaborate with each other and they must be able to do this wherever they are at that moment. By supplying your employees with these innovative tools, you will find the organization as a whole is enriched tenfold.


Elizabeth Dukes

Elizabeth Dukes' pieces highlight the valuable role of the real estate and facility managers play in their organizations. Prior to iOFFICE, Elizabeth was in sales for large facility and office service outsourcing firm.

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