7 Workplace Management Blogs You Should Be Reading

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on February 26, 2016

We did a roundup of the top facilities management blogs all FMs should be reading around this time last year. Here’s an updated version of that list! We always learn something new about our office and how we can make it better when we take a look at these eight well curated bundles of educational content. Take a look and see if any of them interest you – and keep in mind these are not ranked in order of greatness. We think they all have something different to bring to the table – er, desk – in their own way!

Office Snapshots

Inspiring office designs that will help you see your workspace in an entirely new light. From big names like Facebook’s Menlo Park offices to smaller global design firms, you’ll be in awe of the gorgeous workspaces featured in this blog, and may learn a thing or two on how to make your office more like theirs. 


Posts You Might Like to Read:

Workplace Design Magazine

Discover innovative products, project ideas and career opportunities in the workplace design realm. Always on top of trending news and what’s in demand in today’s tough market, Workplace Design shows you how to make your office look good by doing good. 


Posts You Might Like to Read:

Creator WeWork

If there was a cool kid on the coworking block, WeWork is it. Check out their cheeky but informative blog on four main topics labeled Work, Think, Feel and Create. You’ll learn more about what your team wants from your office and maybe a little about yourself too. 


Posts You Might Like to Read:

Workplace Insight

Combining the three main points in any workplace managers day, People, Places and Technology make up the majority of this office centered blog. Check out trending topics in what the future of work brings and how businesses have very different environments from one continent to the next. 


Posts You Might Like to Read:

Good & Co. Career Insight

This blog focuses on the positive things at work, hence the name. If you’re in need of a boost at your desk or just want something positive to read on your lunch break this is it. You’re sure to leave their site in a better mood, but also take away some valuable lessons on what it means to be a great boss and a great coworker. 


Posts You Might Like to Read:

Enviable Workplace

With blog posts centered around brilliant minds like Simon Sinek, and how CEOs can make a positive influence in their workforce, Enviable Workplace doesn’t mess around when it comes to the quality of their content. Each article is clearly well thought out, and will get you more bang for your buck if you’re crunched for time. 


Posts You Might Like to Read:

Workplace Dynamics

As a workplace consulting firm, this blog knows a thing or two about what makes an office tick. From sustainability to employee engagement, they cover it all. Don’t miss their Top Workplaces program where they recognize organizations that excel in creating the ideal office environment. 


Posts You Might Like to Read:

Did we include any of your favorites? Be sure to share with us your favorite workplace management blogs by tweeting at us, and maybe we’ll include them in our next list. Also, be sure to follow the iOFFICE blog by clicking here. Have a future blog idea? Send us an email, we would love to discuss it with you. 


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