Adapt workplaces to keep up with company culture and technology

by Elizabeth Dukes on March 26, 2013

Adapt workplaces to keep up with company culture and technologyThe workplace is changing, and companies have two choices – adapt and keep up (using new solutions like integrated workplace management software), or choose to ignore trends and face the consequences.

A recent article in The New York Times by Lund University associate professor Peter Arnfalk explains that if corporations choose not to incorporate emerging practices into their operations, such as telecommuting, they might be hindering productivity and retention. Moreover, they might create a situation in which employees feel compelled to work from home in secrecy. 

To avoid the aforementioned circumstances, some businesses are cultivating workplaces that accommodate their internal values and employees’ preferences, according to Officing Today. For instance, Interaction Associates is a collaborative leadership practice that achieves much of its work in group settings and through conversations. The firm conveyed that message by creating shared workspaces, continuous desks that can be used by telecommuting employees and conference rooms equipped with various technologies. 

Interaction Associates’ new office doesn’t even have a traditional mail or copy room because it encourages employees to use electronic file storage, the source adds.

However, even the most innovative workspaces still need to accommodate traditional processes. A mail tracking system enables facilities managers to account for incoming packages, and then verify that the proper employees receive them when they are in the office. 


Elizabeth Dukes

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