Are Mailrooms a Thing Of The Past?

by George Rogers on July 6, 2015

Do you remember the days of the handwritten letter? It seems like ages ago that mail flew from place to place, confirming contracts or sending important documents. Today, much of this dialogue takes place through email, phone, or Skype. Bills get paid through automated payments or through Paypal. With the upsurge in email correspondence and online payment systems, is the mailroom a thing of the past?

Is the Mail Fading?

Is mail a thing of the past? Surprisingly, mail is more popular than ever. However, mail looks different than it used to. While old school handwritten notes may be dwindling, the internet revolution hasn’t just led to Skype calls, it’s led to online purchases that keep the mail system even busier than before. According to the US Postal Service, while the amount of first class letter mail has dropped in the last decade, the number of packages shipped has greatly increased. This means that the number of accountable packages making their way into your facility has likely increased as well, and it’s led to a need for mail management software.

Keep your system accountable. With mail tracking software, it's harder for items to get lost in the shuffle.

What is Mail Management Software?

Whether you’re sending or receiving a package, you want to know that your items will get to the right person at the right time. Whether they’re important documents or product samples, moving items from place to place is a vital part of your business.

With mail management software, you can automate the mail management process, so that you can track your mail and report on delivery. It simplifies your staffing process, making it easier to check in packages with a barcode scanner and capturing signatures, dates, and timestamps on a mobile device. You’ll be able to see where your mail has gone with an online history.

When you have mail management software, you can track your mail online from source to destination.

The Role of Software in the Modern Mailroom

Tracking packages might seem simple, but when you’re dealing with a large volume, even the check in process can be a challenge to maintain without mailroom software. Mail management software allows for kiosk check-in, so that you can automate your process from beginning to end. It also makes it easier to sort packages, allowing your employees to be more efficient at automatically routing packages based on where they need to be delivered.

When you have mail management software, you can track your mail online from source to destination. Without adequate tracking, it’s easy for a package or document to get lost in the shuffle. However, to maintain the financial and interpersonal integrity of your business, you need to ensure that checks, contracts, and project proposals move safely from one place to the other. With a mail tracking system, you have accountability from send off to delivery. Once the item has made its way to the recipient, you’ll be able to see where each item went and when it arrived through an online tracking system.

When you’re looking for mail management solutions, look for software that can simplify your mailroom workflow. Automating your mail system means that you’ll not only be able to spend your employees’ time more efficiently, you’ll also have a higher level of quality control and accountability within your mail system. 


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