Beautiful LinkedIn Company Pages From Real Workplaces

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on September 2, 2016

LinkedIn Company pages are essential for all companies interested in eventually hiring, doing business, or networking in their industry. LinkedIn is no longer a “nice to have” commodity, it’s an absolute necessity to stay relevant in the business world. However, unlike Facebook and Twitter, this business-forward social site is a bit more difficult to navigate. Starting with your company page’s appearance. What should you include to be appealing to both potential applicants and customers? That line can be hard to define for some companies. Here are six examples of companies who are rocking their LinkedIn pages, and what you can take from each when designing your own. 


1. EventBoard

The computer software company is “changing the way meeting rooms are managed” and their LinkedIn company page reflects this. Immediately you gather that they are a technology driven company, providing some sort of interactive technology. Their cover photo gives you enough information so you have a slight understanding of what they do, but drives you to read the remaining portion of their description to fully understand what they offer. We also love how they subtly incorporated their logo’s color into their cover image, which brings the entire page together. 

How to apply this to your page: Adding blended color to an image is actually quite simple. It just requires photoshop or powerpoint and a gradient tool. Here are some tutorials to get you started: Powerpoint – Photoshop


2. BMC Software

This IT and Services company helps “transform traditional businesses into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage”. Their image showcases their upcoming conference, Engage, and provides the viewer with enough information to seek out details about the event without taking over the entire cover photo, and potentially alienating people who are not interested in the conference. The other side of their profile focuses on their business and how they bring people together though one common entity, technology. 

How to apply this to your page: Big event coming up? Incorporate it into your image! Just be sure to keep your branding the same and to remove the image once the event has ended to avoid looking as though you don’t monitor your page regularly. 


3. Twitter

We agree with Twitter’s company page slogan, you should #LoveWhereYouWork! Known for their contagious company culture, Twitter is quite clever in their decision to include a hashtag in their LinkedIn cover photo. Not only does it show they care about their employees and their happiness, but it drives the viewer to physically leave LinkedIn and go to Twitter to check out the meaning of the hashtag. We find this is a common theme among competing social media sites, but it seems to be working for them. 

Screen_Shot_2016-08-08_at_11.43.58_AM.pngWhen you do go to Twitter and search #LoveWhereYouWork, you’ll see photos of Twitter employees talking and engaging about company events and special moments from their time at the company. They’ve shared everything from photos at their initial welcome lunches to flowers from coworkers celebrating milestones in their lives. This shows that not only does Twitter care about the well being of their team members, but that their efforts are working and their employees are indeed happy. Talk about a smart recruiting move!

How to apply this to your page: Think of something that is unique to your company. Is it an event or inside joke, or maybe your slogan? Don’t be afraid to share your culture’s personality through images, it can go a long way with potential clients and job applicants. 


4. Wayfare

Warfare is a 6,300 square foot modern co-working space in Orange County, California. Their LinkedIn features one of the collaborative rooms in their main working space, giving the viewer a brief peak into their office environment. Their simple image captures exactly the feel of their coworking space, and what visitors can expect when they visit. While they don’t currently have any job listings available at the moment, this LinkedIn page allows potential applicants to see they would be working for a tight-knit group of people – a positive feature for many people, especially Millennials.

How to apply this to your page: Even if you’re a small company, you can still have a LinkedIn page that has a big impact! Think about what makes your company special, and why you work there yourself. Maybe it’s your accessibility to multiple types of working spaces or your relationships with loyal customers. Try to capture that feeling in your page’s image, so viewers will see it first thing. 


5. Dropbox

The slogan for Dropbox is, “simplifying the way people work together”. Their LinkedIn cover photo definitely embodies this mindset. With clean graphics and tailored lines, you’re automatically set up to believe this company is modern and all about streamlining their customer’s experience using their tool. For potential employees, this can tell them a little about the company’s culture too. You’re applying to a place that values productivity, and doesn’t include unnecessary fluff. 

How to apply this to your page: Simplicity is the key here. You don’t need fancy graphics or lots of text to grab attention. Say what you need to say and be done with it. A good trick is to add your image and type in your bio and then remove one sentence that really isn’t necessary, or crop the photo to only show the what’s needed. People often include more than they need, so this can help keep your page looking tidy. 


6. Hess Corporation

The first thing viewers probably think of when they see HESS’ profile is oil and gas, and they’d be right. This New York company is one of our customers, and they are doing an awesome job on social media. The image they’ve chosen for their page is not only beautiful, it defines what they do in just one picture. They also have a detailed company bio in their description, which explains their global presence and their efforts to reduce waste at every energy level. 

How to apply this to your page: What is one picture that could sum up your entire organization? Instead of uploading your logo or an image with lots of words, try mimicking HESS’ simple approach to your own profile. You get your point across quickly, and encourage people to move on to the heartier meat of your page, your bio, posts and job listings.  


7. SwissPost

A logistics and supply chain company, our partner, Swiss Post, makes what could be normally be a more mundane industry, relatable and lively. Headquartered in Switzerland with over 3,000 employees on LinkedIn, the large company manages to keep their LinkedIn page approachable and warm. Their tagline, “Yellow in Motion” is featured throughout their page, from their yellow logo and in their company description. The post every few days that take visitors to their company blog, and other social media sites where they have presence. 

How to apply this to your page: Just because you manage the social media for a B2B company or for an industry that is a little less than exciting doesn’t mean your LinkedIn has to be! Switch up your posts from more professional topics while sprinkling in a few links to more fun articles, like on your company’s Instagram. Yes LinkedIn should be a professional environment, but that doesn’t shouldn’t to dull. Post about what gets your own employees excited, and your followers are sure to feel the same. 


LinkedIn Company pages while professional, should still look and feel like your company’s personality. Try a few of the ideas above to see what works best for you and your followers. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to social media, and experimenting is half of the fun.


Kaitlan Whitteberry

Kaitlan Whitteberry is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Missouri's journalism program, and currently focuses on iOFFICE press releases, software updates and related news.

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