These Are the Best Workplaces For Millennials

by Elizabeth Dukes on September 26, 2018

Everyone wants a great workplace, but it’s especially important to millennials.

While previous generations might be more willing to settle for a less-than-exceptional employee experience, many millennials won’t. If they don’t feel inspired and supported by their work environment, they’ll move on.

So what does a millennial-friendly workplace look like?

Great Place To Work, an employee survey and certification company, recently released its latest roundup of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials.

Here are 10 of the companies that stood out to us from this list and what they all have in common.

The Best Workplaces for Millennials

Ultimate Software (#1)

Ultimate Software is a human resources platform that helps organizations manage their entire employee experience, from recruiting and onboarding to professional development and performance management. Considering their mission, it’s not surprising that they’ve created an exceptional experience for their own employees.

The company has more than 4,400 employees (known as “UltiPeeps”) and a workplace culture that thrives on collaboration and innovation, according to its Glassdoor profile.

It has earned a number of accolades, including topping the list of Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology and earning the No. 3 spot on Fortune’s Best Company to Work For.

Ultimate Software offers generous benefits that include 100 percent employer-funded health insurance, unlimited personal time off and paid days off for volunteer work. The employee reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

“They really do take care of their employees and having unlimited PTO is an incredible benefit,” one employee said. “Being able to work remote is also an awesome perk!”

Salesforce (#2)


Like Ultimate Software, Salesforce has ranked high on lists of best workplaces for years. Creating a strong corporate culture doesn’t happen by accident, especially when you have more than 10,000 employees across the globe. That’s why Salesforce hosts “family reunion” events each year where employees spend time connecting and learning in person.

It also takes workplace design seriously, taking inspiration from nature and using sustainable materials. Workplaces have social lounges and mindfulness areas where employees can relax and recharge. To encourage employee wellness, Salesforce employees receive monthly stipends for gym memberships or other fitness activities.

“People truly care and Ohana (family in Hawaiian) is taken quite seriously,” one employee said in a review. “We care for one another and really support each other in need.”

Hyatt Hotels (#8)


At Hyatt, employees really do have a world of possibilities. With more than 500 properties on six continents, they can work almost anywhere.

Hyatt has been recognized as one of the 100 Best Workplaces for Women. It has a partnership with Women for Women International and maintains a professional network for female employees that features volunteer initiatives, mentoring and guest speakers.

Management takes pride in recognizing and rewarding its more than 95,000 employees and fostering a community that feels like family, despite its size.

“They really care and empower their employees,” one employee said.

HubSpot (#15)


To say HubSpot takes its company culture seriously is an understatement—it’s more accurate to call it an obsession.

The HubSpot Culture Code has become a model for its partners and many others.

Yes, there’s a beer garden and a wall of candy, but it goes much deeper than that. The workplace culture is built on ensuring employees feel connected to the company’s mission and have the flexibility to work whenever and wherever they want, as long as they get their work done.

There are no corner offices—in fact, there are no offices—or large employee handbooks. Here’s one employee’s take on the culture:

“I continue to learn each and every day at HubSpot and love working for a company that is so transparent, flexible and values each and every employee as individuals, embracing their strengths and differences.”

Capital One (#17)


At Capital One, diversity isn’t just about lip service or checking a box. In addition to being a great workplace for millennials, the company has been recognized as a best workplace for working mothers, military members and LGBT employees. There are initiatives tailored to employees from diverse backgrounds, including a six-month Hispanic Leadership Development program that teaches management and digital fluency skills.

There are numerous financial benefits and incentives, as well as flexible hours, work from home opportunities and commuter services.

And while financial companies can have a reputation for overly corporate offices, Capital One’s workplaces look more similar to those of tech startups.

“There are lots of opportunities to build your own career using leading edge technologies driving change,” one employee said. “(There is a) diverse culture throughout the organization.”

Asana (#20)

Asana’s project management software is all about eliminating chaos, and that mission carries over into the workplace.

“At Asana, we’re building a place where everything from the most immediate details to the big picture are organized,” the company states on its website. “With Asana, each person knows what they should be doing and why. This clarity, transparency, and focus allows teams to collaborate with less friction and produce great results.”

Asana also embraces mindfulness, responsibility, authenticity and playfulness. Its website features photos of employees eating together, painting, doing yoga and even riding motorcycles.

“More than anywhere else I’ve worked, cross functional teams are on the same page with the same goals in mind,” one employee said. “The learning opportunities of being part of these groups are boundless.”

Quicken Loans (#25)


The Quicken Loans Family of Companies offers employees just about everything they could ever need, from tuition reimbursement and free secure parking to pet insurance.

Its Detroit locations even offer on-site childcare, fitness centers, family doctors and massage therapists.

The company’s core values are shared as mantras like “You have to take the roast out of the oven”—meaning it expects employees to be decisive and not overanalyze to the point of killing innovation.

Employees seem to agree that it’s more than a mantra. Leadership is willing to execute on ideas from team members, and “the positive energy truly makes the day go by fast.”

Adobe (#34)


Adobe’s workplace emphasizes meaningful work, constant learning, brilliant people and a community guided by quality, creativity and opportunity.

The company offers generous reimbursement for online training courses.

It boasts world-class workplace designs that are sustainable and inspiring, as well as on-site cafes serving locally sourced food for a wide range of dietary preferences.

And Adobe doesn’t just encourage occasional community service; it actually incorporates employees’ pro bono projects and nonprofit service into their professional development plans. It strives to create an environment where all employees are valued and treated fairly not only by management, but by their peers.

“I have never experienced any of the ‘bro culture’ that I’ve experienced at other companies,” one woman said. “My opinions are listened to and respected.”

Jackson Healthcare (#64)


Technology companies tend to get the most credit for having great workplaces for millennials, but they certainly aren’t the only ones. And Jackson Healthcare is a perfect example of that.

As a company that cares for patients, its mission is clear: Put others first.

Jackson Healthcare’s award-winning workplace culture starts by hiring “talented individuals with an intrinsic motivation to serve others and make the sacrifices necessary to build a long-term legacy,” according to its website.

It offers comprehensive employee wellness benefits, including an on-site wellness center, and amenities like game rooms, putt-putt courses and yoga classes.

“Jackson Healthcare has the most positive, vibrant and upbeat culture I have ever worked in,” one employee said. “Everyone from associates to high level management truly enjoys their job and seems genuinely fulfilled on a daily basis.”

Genentech (#91)


We recently featured Genentech in our Workplaces of the Future eBook for its innovative approach to the work environment.

Its Neighborhood Work Environments involve a combination of shared work settings, technology and agreements to support collaborative and individual work.

Company leaders said this unique approach has improved collaboration, productivity and innovation at the organization.

The company also prioritizes continuing education and professional development, with tuition assistance of up to $10,000 per year. Its generous perks—including free counseling and reimbursement for adoption and surrogacy programs—contribute to a strong work-life balance. And there’s strong support from management, employees said.

“You name what you want to do, and if you have a supportive manager, he or she will help get you there, even if you have no prior experience,” one employee said. “Everyone is smart, analytical, moving towards outcome focused.”

What the Best Workplaces For Millennials Have In Common

The top 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials represent a wide range of industries and sizes, from a few hundred employees to tens of thousand.

However, there are some common themes that stand out. In general, the best workplaces for millennials:

  • Have a clear mission and core values that are reinforced to everyone
  • Offer opportunities for meaningful work
  • Offer a flexible work environment
  • Trust employees to do their best work without micromanaging
  • Recognize and reward employees for great work
  • Have a workplace design that encourages collaboration and productivity
  • Invest in continuing education and professional development
  • Care about giving back and support volunteer efforts
  • Offer comprehensive benefits that support employee wellbeing
  • Use modern workplace technology that empowers employees
  • Have unique on-site amenities
  • Make time for fun activities

These companies are in tune with what their employees want. They have best-in-class design, technology, policies, benefits and amenities. And, we’re proud to say that a number of these companies also happen to be iOFFICE customers. (Coincidence? We think not!)

Your company may not be able to offer on-site childcare or elaborate corporate retreats, but there are plenty of other ways to make your workplace more appealing to millennials.

And a lot of it comes down to common-sense principles of trusting your employees, listening to them and providing them with the support they need to do their best work.


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