Creating Social Media Content Your Workforce Will Fall In Love With

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on February 9, 2018

Creating social content that people truly enjoy is no easy task (believe me, I would know). It helps to think of your company’s social media page as an extension of what makes your workplace special. Here are some tips and a few examples of what has worked well for us in the past, so you can start creating swoon-worthy posts on your own workplace page.

Social Should Be Part of the Employee Experience

Is it even necessary to use social media in your employee engagement strategy? 

Think about how your employees interact with your building. They use kiosks to schedule meetings, and wayfinding to locate a coworker. They may use a mobile app to request a maintenance ticket, or get notified via text when their visitor has arrived. Your employees are constantly interacting with your building through technology, and they expect to have instant access to information they need when they need it.

The same thought can often be applied to social media. Your company’s social presence should be part of the employee experience. Share photos of your attendance to a recent conference, or a blog post written by your marketing team. Think of social media as a way to highlight the items happening at your workspace. Your social pages should be a place where employees can go to learn what’s happening at your office and feel connected to the people and place they work for. 

Show Off Your Company Culture on Social Media

Social media should be an extension of your workplace’s culture.

When you’re looking to cultivate a workplace culture that serves the needs of your employees, what things come to mind? Hopefully creating an environment where employees feel appreciated and that they belong. These same ideas can be applied to the types of posts you’re sharing on your company’s profiles. This is the place to share photos of the recent volunteer work your accounting team participated in, or about an event a member of your development team was a feature speaker for. Show what makes your workplace rock – your people and your culture.   

Educate and Entertain Your Workforce 

Creating value is essential to delivering social posts your workforce will love.

Think about your own social media habits. What makes you click something or want to share it with your friends? Is it because it’s funny, educational, helpful or interesting?  Does it teach them something, will it make them laugh or help them be better at their job? 

Treat each post with an objective eye, and ask yourself if it’s really something that people would want to see or read. It’s a much better idea to stick with fewer, well-curated posts compared to sending things out because you think you need to. You don’t want your social media content to add to the clutter that already exists. You want to be the standout in a sea of social failure. Select thoughtful posts to share that feel tailored to them and your audience will love you even more. 

Engaging an audience on social media can be challenging, even frustrating at times. Remember to step into your audience’s shoes and try to understand what it is that they would want to see. Being a workplace leader is already such a service-driven profession, and you can use this past experience and knowledge about your employees to help you. Before you know it, your audience is going to be adoring all your content!


Kaitlan Whitteberry

Kaitlan Whitteberry is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Missouri's journalism program, and currently focuses on iOFFICE press releases, software updates and related news.

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