Creating Value and Recognizing Opportunities as a Workplace Leader

by Mike Petrusky on October 26, 2018

“You have to make your own opportunities”, because there is no perfect fit when you’re looking for the next big thing to do. Wise words from Facebook’s, Sheryl Sandberg, shared with us by one of our recent podcast guests, Katy Redmond. She and Larry Morgan are both passionate campaigners, pushing people to create their own success by making connections, pursuing their interests, and seeking out opportunities to learn. 

Opportunities in Real Estate & Technology: An Inspirational Career Journey 

Katy Redmond | National Director of JLL Technology Solutions

“This path is very welcoming, we’re at a place now where equality is here and I encourage the women and the men who are listening to reach out and find mentors, find mentees, take advantage of that network. The opportunities are there, you have to go and grab them.” 

Facility Management Leadership & Investment in Human Capital  

Larry Morgan, CFM, SFP, FMP |Director of Facilities Management, SAP

“If you want to create your opportunity, think horizontally. Think like IT does. Think like finance does. Think like HR does. Now you become valuable across your organization not just vertical. People look to you as a partner.”

A celebrated name in the facilities management industry, it was a pleasure to meet with Larry Morgan in Silicon Valley a few weeks ago. As the Director of Facilities Management for SAP, Larry frequently partners with senior leadership to implement workplace programming globally, and strives to provide effective and efficient spaces while promoting a unified corporate culture.

With a more holistic view of the workplace, Larry believes that FM leaders should engage in horizontal thinking across their organization so they are seen as partners by other departments. He also believes in applying the Pareto Principlal to workplace management, and encourages workplace leaders to allocate resources (financial and time) and allocate those towards making 80% of the workplace bigger, better and faster, versus trying to fix the 20% of issues that may always exist.

During our conversation, it was clear that Larry promotes the idea of investing in human capital. While your organization should be offering continuous learning opportunities and chances to expand your skillset, it’s important to seek these out on your own as well. Identify what your passion is, and go after it with reckless abandon. After all, no one is going to invest in you more than yourself. 


Mike Petrusky

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