Day In The Life Of An iOffice Dog: Molly

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on December 26, 2014

We are so fortunate to have a company culture where dogs are allowed in our office! The “iOffice Dogs” have made quite a name for themselves, and always greet our visitors, clients and mailmen with wagging tails. We’ve interviewed our pups to get their take on what it’s like to work at our Houston headquarters. 

Name: MollyMolly the iOffice dog

Breed: Shih Tzu

Department: Office Intern

Supervisor: Renee Hammond

1). What is your favorite thing about coming to work?

Mom said my big sister, Chloe, needs her space; she is such a diva so I’m glad I can come to work and visit all my friends.  I’m not sure why she always gets her way, something about seniority rules?  Oh well, it gives Mom and I time to bond!

2).  What is your job-title and describe your duties.

I’m not sure what my job title is just yet, I am the new kid on the block so I have to start at the bottom as an intern and work my up just like everybody else. I am a quick learner though, and I am sure Don will assign me an official title soon enough.

3). Take me through a quick walk-through of your typical day.

I have a long drive to work so mom has to make sure she prepares my bag with lots of snacks. I am so happy to arrive at work, although I never knew what life at the office was like till now.

All my friends are awesome; they give me snacks and belly rubs. I am a bit of a nosy rosy and will sit by you to learn all about what goes on at this workplace. Sometimes I get pretty excited and run fast around the office, my boss said I must be hyped up on Mountain Dew, whatever that is?

Being cute is hard work so I try sleep a lot and before you know it’s time to go home… and hopefully Chloe is in a better mood.

4). Is there an Alpha Dog?

Lucy of course, I learned that on day one. There are some lessons you don’t need to be taught.

5). Name something you’ve learned since you began working at iOffice.

This work thing is all so new to me, I still am learning about rush-hour traffic, lunch hours, goldfish breaks and all these iOffice policies. I’ve learned not to keep your toys out, or The Dude might take them! I have also learned sticking around the kitchen can definitely pay off.

However, sometimes I get time out if I break the rules, but overall it has taught be a better dog and to mind my manners if I plan to be successful! 

Fun Fact:

Everybody thinks I am the cutest thing but I keep hearing whispers that I need braces, I’m not sure why I need them but I hope they’re covered under my insurance! Here’s a photo of me, and my big sister Chloe. 

Two iOffice dogs Molly and Chloe


Kaitlan Whitteberry

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