Day In The Life Of An iOffice Dog: Nico

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on October 3, 2014

We are so fortunate to have a company culture where dogs are allowed in our office! The “iOffice Dogs” have made quite a name for themselves, and always greet our visitors, clients and mailmen with wagging tails. We’ve interviewed our pups to get their take on what it’s like to work at our Houston headquarters. 


Name: Nico IMG_3200

Breed: Boxer

Department: Visitor Management & Security

Supervisor: Joanne Jackson 

1). What is your favorite thing about coming to work?

Well, I love hanging out with Mom all day and getting lots of attention from everyone at the office…they’re the best! :)

2).  What is your job-title and describe your duties.

I have just been promoted to Director of Visitor Management. So, basically I am responsible for frisking every visitor to ensure they are prepared to receive an IWMS best practice consultation.

3). Take me through a quick walk-through of your typical day.

When I arrive, I run directly to Alice and jump all over her so that she knows she is my favorite person at iOffice. Then I circle around to Zoe and Abby to see if I can make them bark enough to make their mom upset. Then I’m off to visit The Dude, and we commence our morning wrestling match (I could really take him all day long – but because he’s older I let him think he’s in control). 

Then just as the office gets quiet, I will often play a game of “catch me if you can” with my mom as I try to entice Lucy and Katie into sparring with me. I usually try to get close enough to give Don a kiss good morning, although it doesn’t usually work out. Somehow Mom catches me and I end up on the end of the leash tied to the kettle ball at her desk. Mom takes me on a couple of walks during the day, and then there’s always the occasional molestation/ greeting of incoming visitors. After a long day of managing we then have the dreaded ride home (did I mention that I hate car rides) but I’m working on appreciating that aspect of my work day! 

4). Is there an Alpha Dog?

Me, of course! Well, except if Lucy is here. Everyone (including the people) at iOffice knows, she’s the real boss. 

5).  Name something you’ve learned since you began working at iOffice.

Situations can change almost overnight. For instance, one day I’m living in the big city, next I’m living in a suburb and then I’m living at the lake and loving every minute of my day. I’ve learned that change isn’t always bad and it usually turns out pretty good in the end! Working at iOffice keeps me grounded. 

Fun Fact:

I’m a brand new dad! My mom and her fiancé, Mike, didn’t think his black lab, Annie, could have any more babies since she was a bit older. Well, boy did I prove them wrong! Now I’m the proud Papa of a little girl pup. I find this totally awesome, and think girl pup is the best thing that has even happened to me! 



Kaitlan Whitteberry

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