Do Your Workspaces Fulfill Your Organization’s Vision?

by Elizabeth Dukes on December 18, 2014

A vision statement is used by businesses to provide a look at what success means. Your organization, like others, has a specific job and unique goals as it works to realize its vision. Aside from proper planning and hard work, attaining that goal or vision requires optimal use of the space within which the work is flowing. Managing today’s modern workspaces requires a thorough understanding of the space itself, what it is used for, and the people that will be moving about within it.

A workspace that is put to its highest and best use can help an organization more quickly and effectively reach its goals.Considering how much the workplace has evolved, and how frequently it continues to change, making optimal updates and changes to office space floor plans is near impossible when relying solely on paper-based plans that require manual updating.

Facilities managers need something more savvy than a simple set of blueprints, or even a generic computer program. What you need is a user-friendly space management software that offers accurate, real-time information at the click of a button.

Align Your Workplace Activities with Business Goals

With a smart space management plan in place, you can effectively do more with your space using fewer resources. Without a firm idea regarding the occupancy of the space, facilities managers won’t be unable to align workplace activities and initiatives to the goals of the business. Luckily, with implementation of effective space management, the desired results can be more realistically achieved.

Determine Future Space Needs

With the dynamic and ever-changing face of today’s business climate, the workplace itself will inevitably be impacted. In order to make sure you have enough room to accommodate growth, or to avoid being left with under-utilized space should your company decide to downsize, you’ll need to effectively forecast future space requirements. Considering how challenging this can be, having access to a space management tool can help you create reliable outlooks on future space requirements.

Have a Closer Look at Actual vs Planned Space Utilization

While you may have already planned out your space needs, life will always throw out a curve ball. Surprise changes will put the FM in a position to continuously compare the initial plan of the space versus how it is actually being used. Reassigning specific parts of the workspaces may be required every so often in order to meet the changing needs of the work environment.

Making use of workplace management software can make the job of a facilities manager more streamlined.The space that your company occupies plays a huge role in its success and vision outcome. Managing your workspace and making sure that every square inch is being utilized to its highest and best use is of paramount importance. This is where having a space management system in place is not only useful, but essential. With an effective space management system, facilities managers can quickly and easily survey the space, verify metrics, identify current growth and forecast and projected growth, develop an action plan, designate capital planning, adjust the process, then start all over again.

Boost Levels of Efficiency

The goals of your company call for everyone and every department to cooperate with each other. Such affiliations can have a huge impact on your company’s profitability. A workplace management system can electronically generate potential scenarios based on relationships among employees and departments, which can be used to improve efficiency.

iOffice’s space management software allows FMs to publish floor plans online and display accurate information about the work space at hand. You can view the floor plan instantly, and quickly and easily change the data as necessary. iOffice’s software is highly adaptable for FMs who are on the go and prefer not to lug a laptop around. For these situations, iOffice offers a downloadable app that can be instantly accessed from any mobile device, and comes with all the functionalities typically available through a desktop or laptop. With such an incredibly helpful tool available, it just makes sense to tap into it!


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