Does Your Mail Load Justify Hiring Another Mailroom Employee?

by George Rogers on April 16, 2015

Remember when you loved to get mail? When you were a child, the arrival of a special package meant iStock_000015578602_Doubleexcitement, even glee. If you’re feeling less than gleeful about your corporate mailroom, you need to understand what your mailroom is managing and how you can help staff work with their mail load.

Sending Messages: Why Is Your Mailroom Important? 

While we often use phones and email to communicate, the delivery of the mail is as important as it has ever been. Mailroom staff can feel like they’re invisible. They manage communication and the delivery of goods that the rest of the staff needs to do their job. When they do it seamlessly, your staff feels like they’re well-supported and can easily complete their work. While, your mail room staff work hard to move packages through to where they belong, inadequate support can lead to errors or criticism from other staff. 

Know Your Mail 

Your mail load is vitally important, yet it’s not very visible. You expect that your mail will get delivered on time, but your mailroom staff may feel overworked and underappreciated. How do you know what volume of mail you have and how it moves through your system to land in the right hands? If you’re not tracking your mail, you probably don’t have a good sense of its volume, its trends, or its journey from the mailroom to the employee. With facility management software, you can manage your mail from its entry into your facility to the time that it lands in the right person’s hands. 

Get from A to Z Software can help your employees customize their mail flow and foster a better working relationship with mailroom staff.

It can be frustrating to know that the mailroom has received a package but you don’t have it in your hands. How long does it take for a package to move through your facility? Tracking your mail doesn’t just mean that you’re tracking your mail volume. You can also use software to track packages when they enter your facility and determine when they get to their final destination. Mail tracking software helps facility managers track package IDs, dates, times, and recipient names. Know your typical process, and you can discover areas of efficiency. 

Manage Your Staff 

Once you’ve tracked your mailroom volume, you can tell how many packages you have and how long it takes to move packages from one place to another in your facility. This will allow you to pinpoint areas where you need to improve on the workflow in your facility. It may be that you need to manage mail more efficiently and invest in equipment or processes that allow you to do that. You may also discover that your current staff are simply overworked and need assistance. Knowing your mail flow allows you to manage your staff and get packages where they need to be as soon as possible.

Customize Your Mail Flow 

While your mailroom’s goal may be to get a package from one place to another in the speediest and most accurate manner possible, mail tracking software adds another layer to this process. Your employees can also add requests to the mailroom, making mail delivery much more efficient for them If an employee needs a package delivered to a specific room, they can get the mailroom to put this into the system. Customizing your mail flow can help your employees by bringing mail to the places where they need it, when they need it. 

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