Effectively Leading Your Workforce Through A Workplace Change

by Mike Petrusky on April 12, 2019

During our webinar with Annemarie Fleming, she revealed to us that “70% of all change initiatives fail”. Which is an astonishing number, and a disappointing one at that. If change is usually a proposed option to make things better, what’s causing such a large percentage of these efforts to fail? During two recent podcasts, we discussed the importance of focusing on your people and how workplace leaders can strive to ensure a smooth workplace change transition for them no matter what.

The Ongoing Journey of Change in the Workplace

Annemarie Fleming | Business Development Manager at MovePlan, Workplace Evolutionaries leader

“You know, traditionally facility managers are so engaged with all the details of the process to build the space, that there is a gap. And that gap is attending to the people, piece of it, the planning for the people in the change.”

Annemarie has spent much of her career helping people tackle the change management process and other important strategic initiatives at their organizations. She also leads the WeHub group in New York which is a smaller branch of the Workplace Evolutionaries community. 

During the webinar we discuss how the workplace manager often gets caught up in attending to the physical space, and the workforce can go unintentionally neglected. “We spend a lot of time and money preparing workspaces for people, but very little preparing the people to work in those places.” Working to close the gap and thinking about the people first is really where workplace leaders should aim to shift their focus. Especially considering no matter how wonderful the space is, if people don’t use that space, it is essentially useless. 

Considering most change processes fail because of organizational issues. Annemarie believes workplace managers need to ensure any processes that are put in place are accessible even after the project is completed. Your change management strategy must not only serve the people affected today, but those who come into the change tomorrow as well, or six months down the line.  

Powering the Changing Workplace With Flexibility 

Michelle Fritsche | Director of Workplace Strategy & Planning at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Daniel CastnerPrincipal at BAM Architecture Studio

“There’s a lot about culture, and how do you keep the elements of culture that mean something to the company, and that helped us get to where we are, and yet bring some new elements in to help the company be successful.”


Mike Petrusky

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