Five Innovative Coworking Spaces Around the U.S.

by Elizabeth Dukes on December 23, 2015

Survey a hundred people, and a majority will tell you they prefer working from home over commuting to the office everyday. But have a home office for any length of time and you quickly realize the reality is not nearly as inspiring and productive as the daydreams promise. A load of laundry needs washing, a family friend calls for help, and the loneliness from hours of working with only yourself set in. So you pack up your laptop and head to the coffee shop for a work session.

For many, the coffee shop is a productive place to work. But your $4 coffee only buys you so much time before the baristas start eyeing you, wondering when you’re giving up the space for the next paying customer.

Combining the amenities of both the home office and coffee shop, coworking spaces offer an innovative, affordable solution for the modern day professional. And, although this is not an entirely new concept, the modern configurations are quite innovative and offer a multitude of amenities to the individuals and collectives using them. So much so, that these spaces still need to be considered part of the overall space management equation for the companies whose employees are using these offices away from the office. Increased technology and an ethos of community collaboration are driving forces in co-op spaces, but there is also still a desire for standard office features, as well as specific amenities, which will appeal to different clientele.

Have you have been considering a change of workspace scenery? If so, read on, as we highlight five unique co-work spaces that have put an interesting spin on the modern work space movement.

Green Spaces

First up is GreenSpaces, an environmentally conscious co-work Green spaces denver coworkingspace with locations in Denver and New York City. This community of shared space entrepreneurs and professionals is focused on supplying all of the amenities and services an office would supply while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability. In fact, the Denver space is 100% solar-powered and features a number of innovative, eco-friendly interior design solutions. Members are encouraged to reuse and recycle, whenever possible, and the New York location prides itself on a robust recycling and alternative energy source program. The Denver and New York locations house 40 and 60 businesses, respectfully and feature local food vendors.

Hera Hub CoworkingHera Hub

Founded as an enclave for female business professionals and entrepreneurs, Hera Hub is a San Diego based co-working facility which strives to cater to specific clientele. Hera Hub’s focus is professional collaboration amongst women, facilitated through environments which soothe the senses. In founder Felena Hanson’s words, the spaces are “spa-inspired”. Designed to give women a home base in which to find inspiration from their surroundings and interactions, these hubs are growing in popularity. So much so, that the business is prepping to begin franchising across the country.

PariSoma San Francisco coworkingpariSoma

Often favored by tech start ups, pariSoma in San Francisco is a large, open space facility, which offers members choices of flexible seating locations, dedicated desks or even private office spaces, all the while maintaining the co-work ethos. With opportunities for expanded education available, members benefit from events, classes, and consultants who routinely offer advice or guidance to up and coming professionals. The mix of space and community input makes for a positive payoff.


Brooklyn Boulders

Jump, climb, balance and create. Is it work or is it play? At Brooklyn Boulders it’s both. With 40,000 square feet of space, there is more than enough room for desks, balance balls, printer and fax machines and their impressive indoor climbing space. If all of this sounds a little too wild, consider the correlations between exercise and brainpower. And, although much of the focus is on rock climbing, there is a strong sense of entrepreneurial culture within the members who work and play together. Coworkers can come together and bond on their mutual love for rock climbing, and their startup ideas. 


Getting its start in New York City, WeWork has expanded to sixteen locations in four different countries since its conception. Its success is based on the unique opportunities and benefits offered to members. Aside from the typical workplace amenities, WeWork’s workspace includes an arcade, screening rooms, showers, and an outdoor patio. Weekly classes and lectures offer members a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals spanning every industry. The creators of this space have truly offered something for everyone, providing a space that makes work both productive and fun.

As co-working continues to gain momentum and popularity, the options for professional space-sharing will only increase. These innovative spaces are an opportunity for telecommuters to expand their network, collaborate with like-minded business professionals, and hopefully, gain inspiration that will guide them towards future successes.


Elizabeth Dukes

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