Why A Candy Producer Made the Switch to Our FM Software

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on March 21, 2018

When you’re in the business of creating sweet treats for millions of people, you have a lot of employees, a lot of factory space and a lot of expensive equipment to manage. If the tempering machine goes down, you could lose several days of production and tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

To keep track of it all, you need facility management (FM) software that is responsive and easy to integrate with other software solutions. Facility managers need to be able to see preventive maintenance records and create digital work orders that notify the appropriate team members. They need to be able to visualize their real estate portfolio, access floor plans and compile reports that show real-time space utilization.

And those are just the basic requirements. There’s another aspect that’s often overlooked but just as important. In fact, it’s the reason why one of the largest candy producers in the country made the switch to our FM software.

The Importance Of Customer Support for FM Software

There could be a hundred other things you need your FM software to do, depending on the information you’re trying to gather. Let’s say you’re trying to create a customized report that shows how many full-time and part-time employees work in each department so you can determine how much space each department really needs on a daily basis.

Or, you’d like to send automated reminders to your facility management team when it’s time for preventive maintenance. In many cases, FM software is replacing computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), so you’ll need to ensure it has all the same functionality and more. Having a team behind you that knows facility maintenance software and other software solutions in and out can make all the difference. Many organizations take a checklist approach to investing in facility management software, ensuring each one has the right modules and features, but they may not take the time to consider what type of support team they’re getting with that software. Or, they may realize after the fact that the company isn’t as responsive or easy to work with as they’d hoped.

This was the case for one candy producer who recently made the switch to iOFFICE from another FM software company. (We got the scoop from their senior facilities planner, who told us the previous software provider was unable to respond quickly to their requests for enhanced reporting capabilities and data integration, despite the fact that they were willing to pay for it.) Instead, they got a low-quality app and ended up paying a third party to support their integration’s. They felt they were being treated like a number, rather than an important client.

The company had also decided to move to a SaaS model for their facility management software, so it made sense to explore new solutions. When they found iOFFICE, they told us they were impressed by our “out-of-the-box” functionality, as well as our customer-grade interface and apps. But most of all, they were excited by our innovative approach to facility management and the level of service our team offered.

Evaluating Customer Service In Your FM Software

We’d all rather avoid a poor customer experience if we can help it. And when it comes to FM software, you’re not just evaluating software solutions—you’re evaluating service providers.

So how can you be sure you chose the right one?

Here are a few important questions to ask:

  • Who will be your point of contact for urgent technical support needs?
  • How quickly can you expect a response?
  • Will you have another point of contact to manage upgrades and consult with you about your ongoing needs on a regular basis?
  • How easily can you log into your customer portal?
  • Will the people you speak with during the sales process remain involved and invested in your success after you become a customer?
  • Does the company you’re considering provide resources and ongoing training on how to maximize your investment in FM software?

Taking the time to ask these questions can help you avoid buyer’s remorse when it comes to your FM software.

At iOFFICE, we’re proud of the fact that we make customer service a top priority—and even more proud to hear our customers agree. In a recent survey conducted by TechValidate, nine out of 10 customers said they would recommend our facility management software to others, giving us a higher Net Promoter Score than the Apple iPhone. Many cited our customer service as a key factor in their response.

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