Why Facility Managers Need Data Collection

by Elizabeth Dukes on April 24, 2013

Is it finally time to replace the printer that seems to jam once a day, or are the repairs more cost-effective? Are maintenance teams responding to occupants’ reports quickly enough, or are complaints being put off while they address other routine tasks? When will the investments in sustainable equipment finally pay off and begin making money?


These are the kinds of questions that facilities managers must be able to answer in today’s data-driven business environments. They are also the kinds of queries that can be put to bed quickly if facility managers have specialized tools like an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) and understand its utility, according to Facilities Net. Space management software can help facility managers evaluate whether real estate is being used effectively and how to lower the cost per square foot.

Data also plays a crucial part in achieving sustainability goals because it provides metrics and reports that demonstrate whether initiatives are paying off, the source reports.

“The largest benefit of utilizing energy analytics is to benchmark and monitor utility consumption and quantify cost savings that result from understanding how utilities are used,” Sean Delehanty, sustainability manager for BAE Systems, told the source. “The resulting benchmarks can also be used to make decisions to positively affect change where necessary.”

Other tools such as thermal images can be used to measure infrared wavelengths to help facility managers identify sources of energy loss or to periodically measure occupancy rates, according to Buildings Magazine. Combining all of these data sources can give facility managers a holistic picture of their facilities to implement changes that will prove significantly beneficial.


Elizabeth Dukes

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