Headed to IFMA World Workplace? Download These Apps

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on October 5, 2015

It’s time for IFMA’s WW2015 and facilities managers from around the nation are making plans and preparations to be there. Along with which ties to bring, whether or not to pack the swimsuit, and how many pairs of socks you’ll need, you also need to make sure your mobile devices are equipped with the apps you’ll need to navigate Denver and make the most out of your stay. Here are the apps you need to download before heading out.


Apps to Navigate During the Conference

The VISIT DENVER app is a must-have app if you aren’t familiar with the Denver area. This app was developed by VISIT DENVER, The Convention and Visitors Bureau, so it is tailor made for those attending conventions and conferences in the area. It offers helpful tips on everything from accommodations to transportation, and is available for both Apple and Android devices. This app also helps you find other attractions to enjoy during your Denver stay, as well as restaurants, entertainment, special events in the area, and more. It’s also helpful to download the IFMA app before you go so that you can track their news and other announcements during the conference.

Apps to Take Notes During IFMA World Workplace

Do you know how to take good notes?You probably think you’ll remember everything you hear and learn even after you return to work, but chances are you’ll forget most of it unless you have a good note-taking scheme.

There are literally hundreds of educational sessions, vendors, and exhibits at IFMA’s WW2015, and without some great notes you will be hard pressed to remember even a fraction of what you learn after you return to work when the conference is over.Evernote allows you to quickly and easily take all sorts of notes and memos, even voice notes if it’s inconvenient to type where you are. Evernote also gives you ways to organize the info you collect so that you can present it to others when you return to work.

Apps to Keep Track of Your Expenses

Unfortunately, after you return to work, you’ll need to present your expense report so that your employer can reimburse you for everything, or so that you can have your tax forms filled out properly when that time rolls around again. Evernote has a feature to track receipts, or you can download an app dedicated to expense reporting, such as Expensify.

Apps to Manage the Contacts You Make During the IFMA Conference

Again, Evernote has the capability of tracking your newly forged contacts, but you can also download specialized apps just for managing contacts. For instance, BizzCard is an electronic business card app that allows you to quickly and easily share digital business cards with others even if they do not have the same app. It sends them an email with your digital contact information so that they won’t forget to look you up later.

Apps to Connect With Your New Friends and Acquaintances on Social Media

If you’re interested in building a social media following in addition to a beefy contact list, consider the FriendThem app, which allows you to look up a Twitter handle and follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms automatically. If you aren’t already leveraging the social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., you need to familiarize yourself with those before heading to the convention and configuring your home screen to make the apps you’ll use the most easy to find and open in a busy convention.

Apps to Stay on Top of Work Back at the Office

iOffice mobile apps allow you to stay on top of your work.

iOffice mobile apps allow you to stay on top of important work while you’re at the conference so that everything doesn’t fall apart while you’re away from your desk back home.

Most facilities managers can’t afford to totally let go of work while they enjoy IFMA’s WW2015. iOffice mobile apps allow you to keep your facilities analytics up to date, approve work orders, receive alerts, review space utilization, generate reports, and more right from your mobile device at the conference. It’s like having your complete facilities management software suite in your back pocket.

With these apps, you can focus on enjoying the conference and worry less about work back home, how you’ll follow up with all these new contacts, or where to find a great meal during your trip. Bon voyage!


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