FAQ Series: How Does iOFFICE Approach Activity-Based Working & Analytics

by Glenn Hicks on October 5, 2017

Facilities leaders staying ahead of the workplace game know, the future of the office has changed – and shows no signs of slowing down. From flexible working to activity-based environments, how spaces are organized and how they plan for the future has changed dramatically from just 10 years ago. We keep at the forefront of trends in the workplace to be sure our IWMS fits the needs of the modern office. In our next FAQ installment we address custom reporting and how iOFFICE fits into activity-based workplaces.

My office features activity-based workspaces, how will iOFFICE work for us?

Activity-based working(ABM) is an open or flexible space concept where employees are able to reserve space based upon the work being undertaken, enabling the employees to work in a space best satisfying them is becoming more and more common. At iOFFICE, we recognize it often serves employees better than a traditional space. For example, if one of your employees needs to focus on project work or has a deadline, then they may need a more private office or workspace. However, if they are working with a colleague, then they might need collaboration or conference space. Since iOFFICE fits your workspace floorplan, you can still track usage and data from any type of layout. Our Space module is easy to update if your office changes, and is configurable to fit your needs. Whether you’ve had activity-based workspaces for years, or your company is in transition, iOFFICE will help you track and better understand your needs now and for the future. 

What if I want to create custom analytics detailing our building’s space utilization or energy usage?

Well, you are in luck. iOFFICE comes standard with several usage and utilization insight capabilities. Our Analytics module can also be accessed at any time based on any of the data being tracked. In fact, if you happen to be quite busy being an all-star facility leader and all, then Analytics are something we can create for you. You can also schedule these insights to run automatically to help save time in the future.

How many custom analytics can I create in iOFFICE?

As many as your heart desires. We don’t want to place limits on the amount of reporting our customers take from the software, so we don’t have any structured restrictions on the amount one can make. We believe not limiting the number of analytics goes hand-in-hand with our way of doing business and how we want to treat our customers. Why limit insights? Why nickel and dime customers? We know other IWMS vendors charge per user to access your facility’s insights and to build out that report they often will charge thousands. That’s not the type of company we wanted to be. We want to give you as much freedom as we could, so you can make the most of your investment.

Is there a way to present analytics to the c-suite or other facilities leaders? 

Absolutely! We recommend taking advantage of our robust dash boarding functionality, which provides the c-suite with exactly what they want in one dashboard. We both know your c-suite does not have the time to dig around and manually run reports to get the information they need. Our analytics are designed to give you the information you need, and limit the time spent running them. In fact, any report can be set up on a schedule and the iOFFICE platform will auto-generate and email to select individuals. We wanted our Analytics feature to feel seamless.

What if I have a question, problem or can’t remember something I learned in my initial iOFFICE IWMS training? 

No problem. Just head over to the Knowledge Base Portal, login and boom! You will find everything you need to know, including short tutorial videos featuring the latest iOFFICE updates. You also have access to our customer service team, who is on call during business hours to answer any of your questions and to troubleshoot so you can get back to using your iOFFICE software quickly.


Glenn Hicks

A member of the Business Development team, Glenn has years of experience with business process improvement on the Commercial Real Estate and Facilities Management sides.

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