How The Hummingbird Employee Experience App Improves Internal Communications

by James McDonald on February 12, 2019
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In this employee-centric market, internal communications deserves more attention. Keeping your workforce up to date on what’s going on improves engagement and the employee experience.

And there’s a better way to do this than blasting out emails.

Our Hummingbird employee experience app makes internal communications a breeze. In addition to helping employees find people, reserve rooms, request services and receive mail or visitors, you can also use the app to share promotional content.

Here are just a few examples.

Sharing Cafeteria Menus

Cafeteria Menu

American employees aren’t very good about taking lunch breaks.

In a recent survey by Tork, 38 percent of respondents said they didn’t feel encouraged to take lunch breaks. Nearly 20 percent said they worried about what their bosses would think if they took regular lunch breaks, while 13 percent felt their coworkers would judge them.

But taking the time to break for lunch boosts morale and can even make employees more productive. If you have an employee cafeteria, you can make it more enticing—and profitable—by sharing daily menus through the Hummingbird app.

Encouraging Employees to Give Back

Many employees want to work for a company whose values align with their own. In fact, 9 out of 10 Millennials said they would take a pay cut to get this, according to a recent LinkedIn survey.

Your workplace may already offer company-sponsored volunteer activities, fundraisers or blood drives, but sometimes it’s difficult to encourage employees to participate.

Emails can get overlooked or even deleted, and flyers get thrown in the trash. With the Hummingbird employee experience app, you can share announcements about charitable efforts directly to employees’ smartphones—where they’re already spending over 3 ½ hours every day.

Promoting Company Events

Happy hours and social events help build the kinds of relationships that encourage stronger collaboration and employee engagement.

Once again, participation can be a challenge. Sending announcements and reminders about these events through the Hummingbird app makes it more likely employees will get the message.

Sharing Weather Alerts & Road Closures

Is there a snowstorm on the way or a bad accident near the office?

With Hummingbird employee experience app, you can alert employees as they’re getting ready to leave home or the office so they don’t get stuck in hazardous conditions or stopped in traffic.

Creating Announcements With The Hummingbird EX App

It’s easy to create custom announcements within the Hummingbird EX app. Just log in as an administrator, select Reservations and then select Promo Content.

Click Add Slide to add a new announcement, and you’ll see a placeholder image display in the Editor section. Once you delete the placeholder, you can add a new slide by entering simple text or adding an image using an image URL. (We recommend using images that are 640 by 640 pixels for best results.)

When you are finished editing the slide, click the Save button.

It’s that simple! (And much easier than creating a flyer or writing an email and figuring out who to send it to.)

Want to see the Hummingbird employee experience app in action? Request a demo today!


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