How HR & Facilities Management Can Work Together

by Elizabeth Dukes on May 17, 2012

Has this happened to you?  9am on Monday morning and the head of a department asks “where is his new hire, John Smith going to sit, and does he have a key and laptop ready?”  or the head of Security calls at 9pm and asks “why is Jane Doe in the building – I thought she was fired?”


These are obviously extreme scenarios.  But, has there ever been a time when your facilities management team and HR have miscommunicated and the result was a new hire not having a place to work, a breach of security occurred or at the very minimum there was some limitation on your ability to analyze and report space use?

Communication… the sharing of information and ideas… is one of the most important links within any successful business. Critical information needs to be readily available to the people it impacts no matter where they work within the organization.  Until recently, most interdepartmental information was disseminated by email or verbally. The first is time consuming and the latter is unreliable and even the most sophisticated software couldn’t easily bridge this link… until iOffice.

iOffice has developed an interface for our Space and Move Portal that automatically links Human Resources information… such as new hires and terminates… and distributes it to the key personnel who need it, such as the Facility Manager, IT, Security and the Mail room.

How Does It Work?

When HR enters data for new hires and terminates, the information passes automatically into iOffice where a move ticket is created. Based on the customer-defined workflow, the move module then notifies all of the key personnel involved with these changes. In many of these interfaces, human resource changes such as employee profiles, departmental assignment, and job titles also pass through for real time updates.

On a go-forward basis, once iOffice completes any employee move, add or change transaction, the employee location data is sent back to HR.  The result is that HR and facilities management are completely in-synch with accurate employee profile and location information without all of the notification processes previously required.

We have made the implementation of these HR interfaces simple and cost-effective.  Although IT needs to be engaged, it is not a major IT project as iOffice has designed simple and proven API’s that can interface with any HR system that you utilize.


Elizabeth Dukes

Elizabeth Dukes' pieces highlight the valuable role of the real estate and facility managers play in their organizations. Prior to iOFFICE, Elizabeth was in sales for large facility and office service outsourcing firm.

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