Infographic: The effects of a healthy work environment

by Elizabeth Dukes on January 6, 2014

As the holidays come to a close many individuals chose to start the new year off right with at least one resolution intended to improve their life. happy-culture So we have decided to help you get off to a good start.  All month we will be providing you with helpful tips and tools you can use to improve your facility, your team, your organization and yourself in 2014.

Keep Your Office Space Running Smoothly with Happy, Healthy Employees

One of the most popular resolutions people make is to be healthier.  Workers spend upwards of a third of their day in their office, which has a strong impact on their overall well being. This first tip outlines the changes you can make as a facility manager to improve the way everyone feels while at work. 

Our infographic: The effects of a healthy work environment highlights what happens when a company focuses on crafting a supportive culture for their employees, and how efficiency follows suit.  Did you know that companies on average save $3.26 per $1 spent on employee health and wellness programs? Sounds like a positive investment to us. 

Download your complimentary copy of our infographic here.  It isn’t too difficult for employers to improve in this area, yet it may take a bit of time, but the outcome is absolutely worth the investment. 


Elizabeth Dukes

Elizabeth Dukes' pieces highlight the valuable role of the real estate and facility managers play in their organizations. Prior to iOFFICE, Elizabeth was in sales for large facility and office service outsourcing firm.

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