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    Inspirational Quotes From Canadian Workplace Leaders

    by Adrian Miller on March 21, 2019

    Sometimes we need a little inspiration when things aren't going our way, or we're feeling overwhelmed. Direct from some of the most brilliant Canadian minds in the world of work, here are a few quotes to help keep you motivated to power you through your day - whatever it brings your way. 

    5 Inspirational Quotes From Workplace Leaders

    1. On embracing change in the workplace:fullsizeoutput_1c32

    “The facilities manager becomes the enabler for this change, and becomes then the catalyst for it. The facilities  manager becomes the one that initiates support for it, and executes whatever change management needs to be happening."

    - Eric Termuende, co-founder of NoW Innovations, and author of the “Rethink Work”

    Change is inevitable, especially in the workplace. And our perception towards it impacts whether or not we have control or are controlled by the change. 

    2. On the importance of thinking critically as an FM: 

    “You need to think, not just do. Often were seen as the folks that get things done. That means that you're doing things, that you're achieving things, but you're not necessarily spending enough time thinking. That's not necessarily where the value is."

    - Michel Theriault, Strategic Advisor at FM Insight Consulting

    It's important to routinely look up from our busy lives as workplace leaders, and assess our environment. Always be thinking what could be improved and how can we get there?

    3. On keeping the workplace human: 0-1-2

    “In todays digital world, we're losing the face-to-face, the human-to-human contact
    that we so clearly crave."

    - Jade Alberts, workplace strategist and owner of Jade Alberts Consulting

    It's important to keep in mind that human connection is powerful, and still should be felt even as the workplace becomes more digital. 

    4. On how to apply industry trends for your workplace: fullsizeoutput_1c36

    “It's really a combination of learning about cool, new disruptive technologies and innovative practices, but keeping it all grounded in reality - by highlighting something
    you can try today. Realistic steps towards embracing disruption and leveraging transformation."

    - Lorri Rowlandson, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation for BGIS

    You can get lost when trying to keep up with the trends, select what makes sense for your organization and prioritize that change. 

    5. On believing in your own power: fullsizeoutput_1c34

    “I firmly believe that everyone has enormous potential in them. They just need a little bit of help to find that spark."

    - Terry Lipovski, President of Ubiquity Leadership Coaching & TEDx coach

    Trusting in your power as a workplace leader is critical to your ability to shape your organization for the better, and in ways that have impact on the workforce of today and tomorrow. 

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