iOffice Featured in Business Week Article

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on March 14, 2014

iOFFICE Featured in Business Week 

We are so honored to have been featured in Business Week’s article, Too Distracted to Work: The Dark Side of Open Offices. Elizabeth Dukes, our co-founder, lent her expertise on the subject, and shared the struggles and solutions we faced at iOFFICE during our transition to an open office from a more traditional space. 

Balancing Open Concept with Flexible Space

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When we turned our 7,000 square-foot from the 1920s-era printing press building into an open-concept plan, there were a few challenges to overcome. With 25 employees and our wonderful dog-friendly atmosphere, it can sometimes lead to a more chaotic environment than planned.

We decided to add additional workspaces to cater to individual needs. “Some employees need that head-down type of quiet place they can reserve for phone calls or certain kinds of work,” Elizabeth mentioned in the article. Which is absolutely true. Our sound-proof quiet room provides an environment for individuals to focus without distractions, and our casual workspace is available to those who want to a change of scenery during the day. Our CEO, Don Traweek, even mentioned that he “saw one employee working in four different locations all in one day”.

Providing your employees with access to various locations is key when taking down the cubicles in your facility. You want to create the option of separation, and allow workers to chose when and where to use it. 

To access the complete story, featuring iOFFICE, in Business Week, click here.


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