Loyola Students Gain More Than Mail Alerts With iOFFICE Mail Module

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on September 4, 2014

With the implementation of our automated Mail module, students at Loyola University will now have immediate mail alerts in place of their outdated mailbox system. Students will also gain additional cafeteria seating within the new space that has opened up where their mailboxes used to reside.  

iOFFICE Channel Partner Implements Mail Module At Loyola University 

Ricoh, our largest channel partner, has updated the workflow and technology at Loyola University in Loyola University Gains Space With iOffice Mail ModuleBaltimore to make receiving mail easier for students and faculty. Before implementing the iOFFICE Mail Module automated system, the school delivered mail to 4,000 undergraduate students in traditional mailboxes. This method was neither efficient, nor utilizing Loyola’s space in the best way possible. All of that has changed. 

Now, when a piece of mail or a package arrives, students receive a notification. They visit the mail center and swipe their student ID at a self-service kiosk, which notifies mail center workers and lets them know where the students’ deliveries are stored and what form it takes”.  The overall goal of this system is to eliminate student’s wait time, as mail workers usually have the packages ready by the time the student reaches the counter. 

To maximize space in the mail room, items are now being sorted by a “high-density, roll rack system”, in place of the traditional 4,000 individual mailboxes. This has saved Loyola 10,000 square feet of space, which they have converted into additional dining hall seating for their students!

iOFFICE is so very proud to hear that through Ricoh, our software is helping to make student’s daily tasks a little easier. 



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