Why and How Mail Management Software Works

by George Rogers on July 9, 2015

When you’re managing a facility, there are so many details to track. When you’re working with multiple facilities, each with many different employees, delivering the mail becomes a daunting task. Yet each member of your workforce is relying on you to get their important documents and items to them in a timely manner. Mail management software helps you connect the dots, getting those documents to their destinations.

What is Mail Management Software?

Mail management software is designed to make your workplace more efficient. When you set up a mail Could your mail management system use an overhaul? Add a mail tracking app.management account, a centralized system tracks incoming and outgoing mail. You scan the items, they’re delivered and signed for, and you know when that package is in the right hands. All of the data is archived so that if you ever need to ensure that a package reached its destination, you can check the mail management system. Mail management software works for inbound, outbound, and internal mail, so that you can also track deliveries that happen between your own facilities.

Mail Management Software Makes Delivery More Efficient

When you use mail management software, mail processing is much more automated and efficient. The barcode tracking number automatically identifies the courier, and it only takes a few clicks to add the recipient’s name, scan the barcode, and add the package to the system. This mail management system automatically sorts the items by their delivery route, and when you have a package, you receive an email notification letting you know that it has arrived.

Updating to a digital, report-based mail tracking system helps your workplace become even more efficient. How Mail Management Software Can Improve Your Workflow

Mail management software helps your employees know when to expect a package and when a package has been received. It prevents the loss of important documents and adds certainty to your day. Package tracking allows you to be sure that a document has reached its destination.

Receive Mail Management Reports

When you’re trying to improve your facilities processes, you need to work with data from your company. What if you could track and summarize the flow of packages through your system while collecting valuable data about the ebbs and flows of delivery? Timestamps and real time metrics allow you to understand the flow of mail through your facility and when this occurs, helping you better manage and refine your delivery systems.

When you’re looking for mail tracking software that works, look at iOffice. Our SaaS tools helps your workforce know where their documents are, both coming and going. We’re going mobile as well, with a mail management app that allows you to manage your mail on the go. Our cloud-based products allow you to manage your mail from multiple facilities, ensuring that all employees are up to date on the whereabouts of their important packages. 


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