Memorial Day: A Time To Celebrate History And More

by George Rogers on May 25, 2015

Memorial Day is a day to remember the sacrifices of our veterans.What do you remember? Every year, there are certain events that bring up memories for your workforce. They might be the anniversary of the founding of your company or the launch of a flagship product. There are also days when we all pause and remember. This Memorial Day, think about ways that your facility can celebrate the day and create your own memories throughout the year.

Why Celebrate Memorial Day?

To many of your employees, Memorial Day may be one of the most important days of the year. Memorial Day is the day when we honor those who passed away during their military service. It’s a day full of national pride and national memory, and for some of your employees who may have children or parents in the military, it is a day that is a reminder of how much their family members and friends may be called to sacrifice.

Celebrating Memorial Day With Your Employees

Even if you’re open for business on Memorial Day, take some time to celebrate with your employees. Ask employees to bring a memory of a veteran amongst their friends or family to hang on a wreath or a tree. Decorate the office in red, white, and blue, and hold a miniature parade or costume contest. Celebrate with a family picnic or other family event at the end of the day or the weekend of Memorial Day.

Developing an Institutional MemoryWhether you're celebrating individual workplace anniversaries or the founding of your organization, celebrations build workforce morale.

Memorial Day is a national day of remembering, and it reminds us to actively celebrate memories throughout the year. Celebrating your organization’s memories not only builds internal morale, it also builds your organization’s brand. With your team, sit down and discuss what some of the most meaningful memories are for you. Whether they want to celebrate seasonal events, the beginning of summer or the school term, or specific work anniversaries or successes, it’s beneficial for your workforce to actively consider how they can celebrate significant workplace events.

The Facility Manager’s Role as Memory-Maker

As a facility manager, you may not have the final say on what happens at Memorial Day or other celebrations, but you’re an integral part of making them happen. You can ensure that spaces are available and that staff have access to the materials that they need to make these celebrations possible. You can also help prepare facilities and provide valuable input as to how each facility can best support a celebration. Facility management systems can help manage moves, spaces, and inventory that are necessary to create seasonal and anniversary celebrations.

Whether you’re celebrating Memorial Day or your 25th anniversary as a corporation, you need support systems that work for your business. At iOffice, our business is to help your events, moves, and inventory run smoothly, so that business meetings and family picnics alike run to a successful conclusion.



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