Pharmaceutical Companies Are Bettering Lives Through Innovation

by Elizabeth Dukes on August 11, 2015

There are few industries with more of a stake in ensuring the  health and growth of society than the pharmaceutical sector. Charged with leading the movement towards improving overall health of clients through patient awareness, empowerment and healthcare reform, pharmaceutical companies are also pioneers in the business world. They are in a unique position of having a diverse set of resources to pull from, in a collaborative effort, to keep up with society’s growing demands. Their industry regularly incorporates emerging technology and must constantly consider how they are affecting the public as well as their employees. Here at iOffice, we have had the opportunity to partner with multiple Fortune 500 companies on their journey to remain on the cutting edge, as they embrace technology, not only for their workforce, but for their patients as well. 

Pharmaceutical companies are faced with many of the same challenges every other industry faces- creating a company culture and workplace that meets their workforce (and customer) demands and developing a quality product, while still maintaining profits. Their challenges, however, encompasses much more than the average business. Compliance tracking, globalized clinical trials, regulatory scrutiny of products and services, patent expirations, increased competition, and difficulty bringing new drugs to market are just a few of the unique challenges pharmaceutical companies are confronted with. The fundamental component of meeting each of these challenges is FM technology. 


This industry employs a broader spectrum of individuals than any other sector. They employ doctors, nurses and scientists, who constantly face the pressures of keeping up with our health demands. Attorneys who ensure they adhere to the multitude of standards and regulations. Sales staff who must maintain an open line of communication and steady flow of information to private doctors and hospitals. Not to mention the executives, IT department, call center and data entry technicians, each with their own equally important role, within the organization. 

“The use of the management systems has had a great impact, not only on the productivity of the teams that use it, but also for the bottom line by maintaining and extending the life of assets.” -iOffice client, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Corporation

In an effort to maintain operational efficiency, security, scalability, and compliance, in conjunction with empowering their patients to take charge of their own health, this industry is a true technology leader, harnessing the power of cloud solutions, software tools and mobile technology. 

Fully embracing software solutions for the workplace of the future, these innovators are broadening the scope and engaging their clients and doctors through shared technologies. By offering digital health modules for clients and doctors, they emphasize individuals becoming more proactive in their own health monitoring, making it a truly collaborative effort for the doctor-patient relationship. In an effort to find the best solutions for their clients, many pharmaceutical companies have forged mutually beneficial relationships, through the sharing of information and collaboration, with others in the industry. The result: access to the most accurate and up-to-date information at a lower cost and reduced risk to the clients. Through a blend of mobile applications, information software, and Integrated Workplace Management Systems, their workforce, physicians, insurers, and clients can access the most relevant data and share information. 

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The health care and technology industries are both experiencing a surge in innovative ideas, techniques and solutions and the two industries are becoming more connected than ever before. Adaptation to changing conditions is key to survival in business and the most successful pharmaceutical (and technological) companies will prove to be the best at adapting to change. By using the newest tools to empower a workforce and consumer base, pharmaceutical companies are also becoming ambassadors of technology, as their services are recognized and utilized by all walks of life. So, what does the future hold for the pharma-tech collaboration? Only time will tell but, looking ad current trends, this seems to be a symbiotic relationship with great growth potential.


Elizabeth Dukes

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