Putting Workplace Management In The Spotlight

by Mike Petrusky on November 30, 2018

Most workplace leaders know their jobwhile imperativecan often be largely behind the scenes. It’s common for people using your space to not notice anything until something is wrong or isn’t working properly. While this has been the nature of FM, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Speaking with facilities industry expert, Michel Theriault, and FM practitioner, Tona Khau, we covered how to move workplace management to centerstage so it receives it the recognition, respect, and interest that it so truly deserves. 

Raising the Visibility of FM and Making it a Career of Choice

Tona Khau | FMP, SFP, Facilities Specialist at Sno-Isle Libraries

“I joined IFMA because I wanted to be a part of this important mission, and it was really important for me to give back. It also gave me a platform to advocate for programs and make a difference to transfer that knowledge to the next generation of FM.”

Prove Your Value! How Facility Managers Can Sell Their Ideas

Michel Theriault | Strategic Advisor at FM Insight Consulting and industry thought-leader 

“You need to think and not just do. Often we’re seen as the folks who get things done. That means you’re doing things, you’re actually achieving things, but you’re not necessarily spending enough time thinking…that’s not necessarily where the value is.”

I had the privilege of hosting a webinar with a FM celebrity, the highly regarded, Michel Theriault, Strategic Advisor at FM Insight Consulting, at IFMA’s World Workplace this year. Michel has been in the industry for many years, has seen it evolve, and was the perfect person to discuss how workplace managers can “prove their value” by getting FM at the forefront of their organization. Michel talked about how facility managers can successfully make the business case for implementing workplace solutions with strategies for selling ideas to management. 

Michel begins by discussing how we as workplace managers understand the importance of maintaining a facility, because it impacts the most important part of an organization, which is people. However, it’s easy for executives to forget this, as most of FM is done behind the scenes. The big, shiny building takes the stage. Facilities management may never make it to the boardroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have influence. Getting in front of people you know at work who are making decisions on upcoming renovations or workplace management software can help you push your ideas to the top. Make connections and keep communication paths open. Your executive’s top priorities are risk: time and money. The better you can be at explaining what you need, and why you need it, the more likely you are to get a “yes.” 

The main takeaway from our webinar? “If you demonstrate value, you gain leverage.” If you do a good job and stay silent, people may not see your spark. No one will place the spotlight your way for you. As a workplace leader, it is your job to direct the light. 

If you want more on proving your value, download the entire webinar recording here.


Mike Petrusky

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