Showcase Your Facility’s Culture Through Social Media

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on July 24, 2015

Who are you? No, we’re not talking about The Who’s 1978 hit record. We mean, who is your company? What makes your office different. What makes you, YOU? Your facility’s company culture may be well defined within the walls of your building, but half the benefit of celebrating your unique workspace is sharing it with others. Social media is quite literally the perfect place to do this.

Potential employees and customers are much more likely to do business with a company that feels like Social media is perfect for showing off your office culturean individual, a place they connect with. Social media has taken off because it gives people the chance to join communities and groups that align with their beliefs and interests. If you run the social media for your FM company or even for a building – it’s your responsibility to showcase who you are and what you do, so people can decide if your culture fits in with theirs. You can do this very clearly through social media before they even step foot into your foyer, and here’s how.

Facebook & Instagram Are Where The Fun Happens

Both of these platforms are highly visual, with Facebook utilizing images and video and Instagram mainly photos (with the exception of multiple image “videos”). When users are on these sites, they are looking for easy, fun content that they can relate to, or something that makes them smile. Try snapping photos at the next company event or holiday party, and posting them in a Facebook album. Depending on your office’s social media policy, tag your employees in the photos with their permission. Everyone loves to feel included, and they’re more likely to share an image they or their friends are in.

On Instagram, share before and after pictures of the office bathroom renovation, or the new sign that was just installed out front. Photos of seasons changing around your facility or construction sites could also be popular. Remember, that Instagram is used by a primarily younger audience, with 90% of users being under the age of 35. It is probably best used by facilities managers that work for a university or an up and coming technology company.

Use these two sites to showcase who your facility is through imagery and personality. If you would like extra credit, post a video to your company Facebook. Video is rapidly becoming more popular than pictures, so take note of the trend and see if your following enjoys it!

LinkedIn Gets More Serious

Take a step towards the business side of your company when posting on LinkedIn. That doesn’t mean it can’t still showcase your culture, is just should be approached in a different way. For example, when posting a hiring Use LinekdIn to show your office building's serious sidenotice be sure to include why an applicant would be interested in your FM department. What makes working for your office better than another? Do you offer flexible working arrangements? An unlimited vacation policy? Complimentary childcare? Be sure to say so! Being open and honest to who your company is and what you offer is the most fundamental part of sharing your culture. It also works out better for both parties when everything is known upfront. Also consider posting public business events or company gathering information on your LinkedIn company page. A link to an facility tour or grand opening will be well-received here.

When posting on LinkedIn, pretend you’re submitting something to a potential client or a company-wide email, which should help you weed out posts that might be suited better for Facebook or Instagram.

Twitter Is A Mixture Of Both

People often use Twitter to gain access to immediate information on relevant topics, such as events or world news. They also use Twitter to find interesting articles and pieces of information that may help them as an individual or in their careers. Both visual and contextual, it can be a perfect harmony of the two if used correctly. Do you have an awesome tutorial on how to prep your facility lawn for the summer? This is the place to share it. Sprinkle in items about your facility or private FM company with other articles and tweets that are similar to your own workplace ideals. If your office has an awesome living wall or LEED certified recycling program, share information about it along with other company’s posts who are doing the same. You want your followers to get the same sense from all of your tweets, even if the content isn’t directly from you.

Remember to comment and retweet occasionally to avoid constantly broadcasting information. All social sites should be a two-way conversation.

However you approach this topic, it’s important to remember to adjust to how your following responds. Every audience is different, so only trial-and-error will help you determine the best types of posts for your company’s social pages. Happy posting!


Kaitlan Whitteberry

Kaitlan Whitteberry is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Missouri's journalism program, and currently focuses on iOFFICE press releases, software updates and related news.

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