Slideshare: Top 10 Skills Every Facilities Manager Needs

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on September 8, 2015

Facilities Management is a diverse field that asks a lot of those who work in it. The daily demands range from problem solving to interpersonal skills, and everything in between. It can be overwhelming at times the expectations that are placed on FMs. Here are the top ten skills we think every facilities manager needs to master – how many of them do you use everyday?

The facilities manager is the heartbeat of any office or commercial building. Without you, everything not only stops functioning, it doesn’t look very good either. While your job description does involve many hands-on duties when it comes to the functionality of space and the office, where you also shine is your interpersonal skills and ability to lead.


People look to you for guidance and how they should approach running their workspace. They depend on you to ensure their safety during an emergency, while also keeping a flexible attitude. It’s important to know how to effectively communicate with IT, Marketing and Human Resources. It’s quite a tall order to fill. Do you have what it takes? We think so. Here are the top 10 skills every facilities manager needs to succeed.

This slideshare was adapted from our wildly popular blog post Top 10 Skills Every FM Needs

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