Office Design Trends in 2023

A 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. traditional office job doesn’t look like it once did. The pandemic caused workplace design trends to shift in recent years. Companies have been at odds with their expectations, predictions, and aspirations of what the modern office “is” and “should be.” While the workplace design debate has been controversial, it does have its upside. Employers are now looking at what the employee wants, trying to meet their needs – if not completely, partially. 2023 workplace trends will be similar to today’s latest trends but with a more profound emphasis on elevating employee well-being and productivity.

Most notably, the rise in hybrid work has changed how companies occupy their office space. Workplaces get less traffic than pre-Covid, forcing office trends and floor plans to evolve and be redefined. Companies are reconsidering their physical footprint, adapting to the changing market, and balancing new business strategies.

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