The Dawning Of Wide Open Workspace Slideshare

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on April 18, 2015

The incessant growth of technology is impacting our workplace culture in a powerful way. How we view business and what we think of as the “traditional office” is changing. How employees communicate and collaborate is changing along with the disappearing walls of the office. This surge in growth is only continuing to rise. Is your company keeping up?

The Case For Flexibility

We’ve come a long way since 1832, when Charles Babbage invented the first mechanical computer. It’s difficult to imagine our lives without the technology we rely so heavily on. We might not know where to go, Men are taking a little more advantage of telecommuting than women.what to do or how to reach people! As with previous mega inventions before, this boom in technology has brought change. How we approach work and relationships are completely different than they were even 10 years ago – and this shift in expectation is no longer one companies can ignore. 

It may not apply to you immediately but as Millennials dive into the pool of candidates, your office’s approach to hiring and retaining talent is likely to change. Or it should. An estimated 3.9 million Americans are expected to telecommute by the end of 2015. And it’s not just the youngest generation that’s adopting this trend, the average telecommuter is a 49-year-old college graduate belonging to a company with greater than 100 employees.

Need more proof? Check out our slideshare on, The Dawning of Wide Open Workspace. You might be surprised just how quickly and broadly this change is taking place. If you needed a reason to starting implementing a flexible schedule option for your office – this has more than enough.



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