The Top 7 Best Business Apps for Busy Executives

by Elizabeth Dukes on March 9, 2016

As a successful executive, you didn’t get where you are today by wasting time and energy. You’ve fine-tuned your schedule and processes for maximum efficiency. And even though you’re a gifted problem solver by nature, that doesn’t mean you don’t encounter time traps throughout your day.

mobile-business-apps.jpgLike most executives, your smartphone has replaced your laptop as the go-to workplace technology for interacting with your organization when away from your desk. It keeps you connected and enables you to take immediate action when the situation calls for it. In short, your mobile device is your lifeline—but are you using it to the fullest?

To help you work at full capacity and avoid time traps, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven best business apps for busy executives.

1. Evernote

Evernote is the ultimate idea and inspiration organizer. Its basic version is free, or users can pay for the Plus or Premium package to increase storage space and unlock additional features.

This rockstar app will help you…

  • Take notes
  • Make checklists
  • Clip website articles
  • Store documents
  • Snapshot handwritten notes
  • Collaborate with coworkers
  • Convert notes into presentations

The app syncs with all devices so you have access to your notes and files no matter where you go.

2. Slack

Spending too much time peddling emails? Feel like your inbox is complete chaos? Slack is a communication organization app that systematizes all forms of messaging and file sharing in one central location. Make “channels” to discuss specific topics with different groups of people, synchronize the mobile app with your computer and integrate with other commonly used business apps like Dropbox and Google Hangout.

As one of the most popular apps on the market, users highly recommend Slack.

3. iOffice Service Request Module

Scheduling maintenance requests and work orders is a challenge that frustrates leadership teams, employees and facilities managers alike. More often than not, entering and managing tickets is a never-ending hassle. But the iOffice service request app will help keep everyone informed and engaged in the process. Communicating needs and coordinating tasks has never been easier when you can schedule requests and preventative maintenance in real time. Plus, access reporting at any time, from anywhere.

This system is 100 percent mobile, 100 percent SaaS and boasts a 98 percent customer retention rate.

executive-business-apps.jpg4. LinkedIn

Unless you’ve been off the grid for the last decade, you’re familiar with LinkedIn. And as an executive, you almost definitely maintain a profile. But have you downloaded its free mobile app? LinkedIn isn’t just about making connections and managing your network anymore (although that’s an important part of it). It’s also a place where you’re surrounded by like-minded professionals. A place to read up on the latest industry news, scout new talent and stay connected no matter where you are.

5. Flipboard

Looking for the perfect blend of social media, magazines and news—all specially selected for you based on industry and interests? Flipboard is the app for you. The tool prompts users to “subscribe” to topics of interest, including business, technology, travel, sports and more. Then, it displays the latest articles, blog posts, stories and videos in an interactive, magazine-like format. This app is perfect for the busy executive who must find unconventional times to catch up with his or her industry, hobbies and interests.

6. Expensify

No executive in the history of executives has ever found joy in expense reporting. It’s tedious, time-consuming and often shoved between 100 other more pressing tasks. The Expensify app streamlines the expense reporting process. It allows you and your employees to quickly and easily create, submit and approve expense reports from your phone by snapping a picture of your receipts and instantaneously capturing expense information instead of carrying paper copies and sorting through them later.

  • Work offline
  • Manage travel plans (including real-time fight updates)
  • Track mileage via GPS or manual entry
  • Track time

There’s a reason why users call Expensify the best expense account management app available.

7. CamCard

Too busy to take every business card you receive and manually enter it into a contact database? CamCard does all the legwork for you, and negates the need for paper cards. After all, what good are they sitting in your Rolodex when you’re on-the-go? What you really need is your contacts on hand at all times.

With CamCard, you snap a picture of the business card and the application sorts and organizes the information in one repository. Add notes, set reminders to follow up with people, search and share cards. Best of all, you can access your contacts any time, any place.

Be a 21st century executive with enough tech savvy to juggle the countless responsibilities you’re challenged with each day. These seven apps will get you well on your way to becoming more productive. Just remember: As you scout apps for business use, remember they must balance usability and security.


Elizabeth Dukes

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